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Kids Closet Organizer Systems – Before & After

Kids need closet organization too!   Wouldn’t it be great to have a kid’s custom closet storage system that grows with your child?

The closet I had as a kid barely held all the clothes, toys, and other kid’s stuff that we had piled in there.  Finding anything in that closet was like going on an expedition class adventure.  And the rod was so full that it sagged dangerously from the weight!

Thankfully, today there are products available that make it possible for your kids to enjoy a different experience.

A custom closet system can benefit your child and you in many ways.

You’re providing them with an opportunity to learn organization skills early; they will quickly understand that everything has a place…and that place is NOT the floor.

Having their wardrobe organized makes it faster and easier for them to get dressed in the morning.  And they’ll soon learn that putting their toys and other stuff away makes it easier to find them the next time they want them.

TIP: Place items that are used often down low where your child can reach them easily.  Place long-term storage items or not often used items out of their reach on the upper shelves.

Check out these before and after images illustrating how Closet Factory was able to maximize the useable space of a typical bedroom closet.  We designed a basic closet system that used adjustable rods and shelves along with a number of convenient and attractive drawers to keep things organized.

BEFORE: The original kid’s closet was very basic and typical of what home builders often provide. I wouldn’t go as far to call it messy, but there is clearly plenty of opportunity for better organization. Being able to see large areas of the back wall is a good indicator of under utilized space.  Things piled on the floor indicate that there is not enough shelving space available.

AFTER CLOSET FACTORY: Our designer met with the homeowner, evaluated the contents to be stored in the closet, discussed the various options available and a great kids closet design was born.  Notice the triple-hanging section on the left, shelving and drawers in the center, and more shelving plus another adjustable rod on the right.

KID’S CLOSET ORGANIZER SYSTEM: Once everything is moved back into the closet, it’s easy to see how much cleaner, neater, and organized the space is.  What you can’t see in this shot is all of the large, bulky items stored on the top shelf. Many of the clothes that were hanging are now folded neatly in the drawers.  It may not appear so, but everything from the first photo actually did go back into the closet!

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