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Inside The Amazing Kardashian Closets

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian at Fashion Week

Now that we are all oh-so-over the coverage of Kim Kardashian’s wedding, lets talk about something I care about, their ultra fabulous style and designer clothes. Where do they house their designer duds? In amazing master closets just featured in the recent September 2011 issue of InStyle magazine. I always find it fascinating to take a look into a fashionable celebrity closet. Let’s take a peak into their to-die-for custom closets shall we?

Let’s start with the eldest sister, and recent new mommy, Kourtney Kardashian. She is the head of the sister’s high end retail clothing chain of stores Dash. Check out her amazing closet and wardrobe count!

Kourtney Kardashian’s Closet

Kourtney’s Accessories

  • Pairs of Shoes – 153
  • (20 pairs of Christian Louboutins)
  • Handbags – 28
  • Clutches – 63
  • 1 – Hermès Birken Bag

Next up is the youngest of the 3 Kardashian sisters, and wife of Laker’s basketball superstar Lamar Odom, the funny and outspoken Khloe Kardashian. Let’s take a peak inside.

Khole Kardashian’s Master Closet

Khloe’s Shoe Custom Closet…Fainted yet?

Khloe’s Accessories:

  • Pairs of Shoes – 235
  • (71 pairs of Christian Louboutins shoes)
  • Handbags – 127
  • Clutches – 51
  • 3 – Hermès Birken Bags

Last, but certainly not least, the recently married Kim let InStyle magazine into her amazing master closet. Check it out and make sure your eyes don’t bug out of your head fashionistas.

Kim Kardashian’s Elegant Master Closet

Kim’s Accessories:

  • Pairs of Shoes – 318
  • (68 pairs of Christian Louboutins shoes)
  • Handbags – 112
  • Clutches – 34
  • 9 – Hermès Birken Bags

Can you imagine walking into any one of these amazing master closets every morning? It would be like walking to a custom made clothing store with everything you need right at your disposal! I guarantee you that these closets were custom made to fit the sisters’ extensive clothing and accessory wardrobe. The InStyle article also discuses custom jewelry drawers, built in shelving for purses and shoes.

Need a closet of your dreams? Look no further than Closet Factory. We are the industry leaders in custom closet designs for wardrobes of all sizes! Tell me what you think about these closets and comment bellow.

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0 responses to “Inside The Amazing Kardashian Closets”

  1. Frederic Slomer says:

    lol, i adore Kim Kardashian! Unlike many who dislike her.I actually wish that she has the the best marriage. Celebrity marriages usually dont go well, but i really want her to not let the fame get to her head fo the sake of her marriage. This goes for Kris aswell.

  2. Sara says:

    Dang kourtney has almost nothing compared to Kim and khloe!

  3. Loa says:

    I thought Kourtney had tonnnes!!

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