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How To Organize Your Shoes

Are you one of the many people who have experienced the frustration of not finding the mate to your shoe? The clock is ticking…“Where is my other shoe?” I’ve asked myself this question many times in a panic. The last thing I want is to be late to an appointment because I cannot find my shoe. The more shoes you have the greater the likelihood that they will become unorganized. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a custom closet with a deluxe shoe section or if you have a basic closet, following these easy steps will help to get your shoes organized.

  1. Find all your shoes: Check under the bed, and any other part of the home where your shoes may be.
  2. Match shoes: Find the matching shoe for each pair.
  3. Sort shoes: There are a variety of ways to sort your shoes. The first and easiest way to sort your shoes is by color.
  4. For ladies shoes, it is strongly advised that you also divide your shoes by height of heal and from open toe to closed toe.
  5. Separate the shoes by the season and frequency of use. If you have a large collection of shoes you may choose to store seasonal shoes together. Shoe storage will be addressed in a later Closet Factory Blog post.
  6. Discard shoes that are beyond repair. If you really love a pair that just cannot be fixed, like a basic black dress shoe, make a note of it so you can replace it with a worthy substitute.
  7. Donate shoes that you absolutely despise or never wear to a charity like The Good Shepherd Center, The Women’s Alliance, the Goodwill or a local thrift shop.
  8. Place repairable shoes aside for that next trip to the shoe repair guy. I use a shopping bag for my shoes that need fixing. Another idea is to use an older laundry hamper or basket.
  9. This is always a great time to clean and polish your shoes. You can purchase shoe polish and cleaners at your local drug store or discounter. More professional shoe cleaners can be found at your local shoe repair store.
  10. Place your shoes in your closet space or shoe organizer. Creative shoe storage ideas will also be discussed in a future Closet Factory Blog post.

Written by Nicole L. Tate

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