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How to Clear Virtual Clutter

You’ve cleared out your purse, cleaned your car, gotten the kids back to school, and created a special pantry for your pets, but something is still weighing you down. If you can’t put your finger on it, try thinking about what you put your fingers on every day – that’s right, your keyboard. And, it’s time to make both your real and virtual life easier by getting rid of unnecessary, head-fogging messes that swarm through your wifi, scatter your brain, and eat up your day.

Before we streamline your computer’s inner beauty, it’s important to discuss how your computer space is organized. After all, if it’s messy and unorganized on the outside, it’ll probably be the same on the inside.

Do you have a reach-in closet with hidden cubbies for storing computers and other valuable, expensive electronics? Many custom closets with special closet organizers contain secret panels and covered drawers that fool intruders, keeping your precious computers safe.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s how to streamline your wanton wifi ways:

1 – Personal email: like most modern people, you probably stopped deleting spam and obsolete emails once your inbox ballooned to over 100. Well, now’s the time to haul out your trusty National Organization Week timer. Set that energetic, ticking dial to 15 minutes. Every day, delete spam for 15 minutes in the morning and old, no longer-relevant emails for 15 minutes at night.

2 – Facebook: It must be our curiosity gene that makes us linger over a high school friend’s second cousin’s wedding pictures – even though we’ve never met the cousin or haven’t talked to that friend in years. While this habit satisfies an enigmatic itch, it also devours time that could be spent more productively. Using that same trusty timer, allot a 15-minute increment on another day to deleting 15 meaningless strangers at a time or at the very least, try to block yourself from peering at their activities.

3 – LinkedIn: You accepted a LinkedIn request from an aspiring harpist in Bangladesh, and now he spams your inbox with rambling chapters from his unpublished autobiography. As a professional networking site, it doesn’t advance your career if virtual strangers (pun intended) bloat your box with meaningless blather. Devote another 15 minutes on another day to weeding out time-wasting connections.

4 – Twitter: Use the same method, on another day, to “unfollow”15 uninteresting and/or irrelevant people on Twitter. Cruel? Not really – these are all virtual strangers, so they won’t feel a thing.

There you have it – four ways to clear your virtual clutter. Do you have any suggestions that we may have missed?


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