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Home Organization Tips – How To Make Your Morning Easier

With today’s hectic work and school schedules, mornings can be a real source of stress. The pressure to eat a good breakfast, have a polished, professional look and get out the door on time can seem impossible. Chronic lateness can have a negative effect on your career, not to mention your child’s school grades.  So how can a busy person make the mornings go smoother? Preparation. Here are 5 simple tips you can follow to make your mornings easier.

  1. Wake up 10 minutes earlier
- Take 10 minutes in the morning just for yourself. Set your intention for the day.  Reflect on how lucky you are, and feel gratitude for all that you have.  This is a great way to set the tone for your entire day.  Remember, all is well.
  2. Have easy to grab snacks to eat on the go
- Having a good breakfast is essential.  Try Trader Joe’s single portioned instant oatmeal packets. Just add hot water.  Comes complete with protein powder to keep you going.  Or make deviled eggs, peanut butter sandwiches or other snacks the night before.
  3. Place briefcase, homework, anything needed for school or work near the front door – Consider a mud room for jackets, shoes, purses and homework so important items are easy to find and no one gets a bad grade for forgetting homework.
  4. Have an organized closet so you can find your shoes, ties and accessories quickly and easilyConsider investing in a professionally organized custom closet.  Easily finding clean, wrinkle free clothes is now hassle free.  Start your day feeling well groomed and polished.  Colleagues will be impressed!
  5. Set out your outfit the night before- Have trouble making fashion decisions in the morning?  Pick out your clothes the night before.  Use a valet rod to display your outfit so you can get ready easily and quickly.  No need to worry about sleepy eyes making bad fashion choices.  Prepare today for a stylish look tomorrow.

By Nicole Donovan Paolini of Closet Factory Los Angeles


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