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Home Office – 8 Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Desk

Clutter-Free Organized Custom Home Office by Closet Factory

Clutter-Free Organized Custom Home Office

I cannot stand a messy desk. The clutter overwhelms me and makes me feel like I cannot get anything done. Now I am not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to have an organized workspace in my home office. It enables me to get more done. I am a big believer in “work smarter – not harder.” Here are a few of my favorite tips to keep that workspace clear.

  1.  Have An Action Drawer – Pick the closest file drawer to where you sit as your Action Drawer. Place hanging file folders in the drawer. This drawer is to store folders of any items you are currently working on. If you are working on that project, remove the folder from the drawer. When you are done working on it for the day, store it back in the Action Drawer.
  2. Hide wires – Nothing makes a space look messier than a bunch of wires all tangled hanging below the desk. Create a way to hide wires. Place power strips inside the back of cabinets and plug in all of the electronics to the powerstrip. You may need to cut a hole at the back of the cabinet, but it will look much better. There is great “trunking cable” available which can also hide wires run from one side of the desk to another.
  3. Bulletin Board – Use a bulletin board placed close to where you sit to pin actionable items that need to be handled such as a bill to pay or the phone number of a person you need to call. The trick is not to place anything else on this bulletin board. It should be cleaned of everything at least once per week.
  4. Close By – Place everything you need to use often within your reach. Staplers, tape, ruler, Post-It notes and all other often used items should be in a top drawer next to where you sit or on an organization caddy on the desk.
  5. Never Leave Your Desk Messy – Never stop work for the day without cleaning up everything you have been working on. Put all project folders in your Action Drawer. Take a clean rag and wipe down your phone, computer screen and desk top if you see any fingerprints or dust.
  6. New Paint – To update your office and inspire you to keep it looking good, consider painting the walls. Choose a soothing color that makes you want to work hard. Who knows? You may even start to whistle while you work.
  7. Update the Room – Changing the look of the room may help to inspire you. Consider changing the window treatment or adding a piece of artwork to the walls to update the look of the space.
  8. Shed Some Light – Make sure there is adequate lighting in the room. If you feel a little like you are in the dark, add a desk lamp that can brighten up the space and quite possibly your mood.

Of course, decluttering your office will yield the best results. Eliminate all unnecessary items from your office and get organized. Believe me when I tell you investing a little bit of time will save you time and money in the long run. And you will be much happier after your office has had it’s own mini-makeover.

Article By: Katheryn LaBarbera of Closet Factory Los Angeles

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