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Helping Former Neighbors Get Organized


When Patrick and MA found themselves nearing an empty nest after raising four children they decided to downsize their home to a more manageable and eco-friendly size.

They reflect a growing trend among the Boomer generation, who are giving up their larger square footage in favor of a smaller and more intimate spaces. Although the trend has yet to catch on in numbers large enough to influence home values, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute it’s an up-swinging movement.

There are many reasons the Boomer generation are choosing smaller homes, the equity can be put aside for retirement, a large potion on their income is being spent on housing or they are simply no longer utilizing all of the space.

A smaller house means less maintenance, but it also means less storage space. Maximizing storage and usable space becomes one of the most important aspects of downsizing. Luckily, for Patrick and MA their former neighbor was the seasoned Closet Factory Virginia designer Sue Pike. She helped them plan the best use of their new closet space, which they estimated to be about 50 percent less that they had in their previous home.

But, home organization systems don’t have to stop at the closet, smaller spaces can benefit from whole-home organization. Installing a home organizing system in a pantry can benefit a smaller kitchen space and wall units throughout the home will provide much need extra storage and well as keeping items neatly and safely stored.

If you want to keep abreast of Patrick and MA’s downsizing journey follow their blog here.

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