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Help Your Parents Organize with a Wall Unit

Let’s be honest: nobody likes thinking about that inevitable day when you have to help your parents downsize their home. They’re getting older, stuff keeps piling up, and no matter what ‘life hack’ you attempt, nobody can seem to control the chaos.

Luckily, designing a custom wall unit for your aging parents is one of the best ways to transition them into their golden years.

Getting Started


Suggesting that your parents throw out anything they don’t need anymore isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. Seniors are more likely to have strong attachments to items from their past, and won’t necessarily be able to understand why they need to purge the living room.

Be prepared to store a lot of what you’re trying to get your parents to throw out. By designing a wall unit that incorporates a combination of baskets and/or cubbies you can get items out of the way while your parents still have the piece of mind knowing that they’re still close by.

It Takes Teamwork


Just because your parents are getting older doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from the process. In fact, communicating with them during the design process reduces feelings of inadequacy, which can increase uncooperative behaviors and stress.

Talk to your parents about the items that should be cleared out and have them help you decide what to throw away, donate, give to friends or family members, or sell.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen


Go through the kitchen pantry with your parents and check for expired dates on food. You’ll be surprised at how much there usually is. Explain that having a spice rack is nice, but you don’t need paprika from 1987.

Building a pantry wall unit helps food stay fresher, longer. It can also eliminate your parents reaching for ingredients on high shelves — efforts that, in the past, may have resulted in a few unforeseen trips to the emergency room.

The Thing to Remember When Downsizing Your Parents

Your parents’ excess stuff is like belly flab. It took years to build up, and sorting through everything will take time. But with a little patience and effort, you can help downsize your parents while maximizing their home’s marketability, should they ever decide to move.

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