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Handbag Organizers – Disadvantages of Designer Dust Covers

Before Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers

Designer handbags are arguably the most coveted accessory for anyone who has a passion for fashion! I have purchased handbags in all styles, colors and price points. But here are my few gripes about designer handbag dust covers:

  1. Most designer dust covers are made poorly, tear easily, or are entirely too big or too small!
  2. Cause you to waste time because many handbags that include a dust cover are usually black, which means having to search and search for a particular handbag when needed.
  3. Dust covers that come with designer bags by the same brand name are almost always the same color. Again, this creates a major issue when searching for the right handbag!
  4. They also do not close properly to keep the dust out because most are drawstring or an inadequate fold over design.
  5. When attempting to store your handbags inside the designer dust cover you will quickly find that the bags slouch and fall over creating a cluttered look in your closet.
  6. Designer dust covers actually do no keep dust mites and small particles from entering!
  7. The quality of the fabric is very poor these days and often not made from soft fabric and frankly not very attractive.

The following is a passage from our Handbag Organization Solutions blog explaining the advantages of Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers:

Closet Factory has found a designer handbag organization solution. We are proud to introduce a partnership with Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers. These dust covers come in 5 unique styles and 3 sizes to fit any bag. Mia Cotone allows anyone to create a personal organization system of their handbag collection that is also aesthetically pleasing in their closet. Some advantages to the Mia Cotone dust covers are:

  • Save time by instant identification and organization
  • Identification tag (included) to differentiate handbags of the same color
  • Allows for storing handbags upright creating colorful and pleasing appearance in the closet
  • Zipper Closure for easy access
  • Save money by prolonging life of handbag
  • Allows for storing handbags separately preventing finishes from sticking together and causing irreversible damage
  • Anti-dust fabric lining helps prevent dust, dust mites and small particles from entering

With Mia Cotone all handbag lovers can create a either a color based handbag organization system.

After Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers

What also makes Mia Cotone so special?

  • Breathable fabric keeps leather soft and supple
  • Allows air flow and moisture release prohibiting growth of mildew and bacteria
  • Coverage from direct sunlight prevents drying and fading
  • Prevents scuffs and scratches preserving exterior finish
  • Versatility allows usage for other items besides handbags
  • Colorful and appealing appearance
  • Made in USA

For additional information about this topic check out our previous post Designer Handbags – Storage and Organization Tips.

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