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Growing Up With A Custom Closet System

When I was a teenage girl, my mom decided to have some closets in the house organized.  She contacted Closet Factory, and when the designer came out to my home she took the time to find out what my needs and wants were and she incorporated that into a custom closet that fit me perfectly at that time.

Back in the 90’s I was really into baggy pants & flannel shirts with Doc Marten’s to boot.  I guess you could say that I was a little “grungy”.  The designer gave me some shelving for my many pairs of boots and platform tennis shoes, a hanging section for my pants, a hanging section for my shirts and a long hanging section for all of my baby doll dresses.  I even got a sliding belt rack so that I could hang all of my belts which always seemed to be lacking a home.  At that time it was enough space to fit everything and more.

I can still remember the day that the closets were installed.  The Installers were very nice, and within a day’s time they had removed the customary bar from the closet and had installed a beautiful unit.  It took me longer to put away all of my clothes then it did for them to put the closet together.

The greatest thing about my closet is that as my taste in clothes changed, my closet changed with me.  I left the grunge behind in the 90’s, and as I entered the new century it was out with the old and in with the new.  My Doc Marten’s were replaced by my UGG boots and high heels and my baggy pants and flannel shirts turned into suits, skinny jeans, t-shirts and hoodies.  I started to collect purses of all shapes and sizes and before I knew it I had quite the collection.  With all these changes in my life, my closet was able to change with me without any further assistance from the company that built them years before.  The whole custom closet system is adjustable so if one section needed more space or one had too much space I was able to adjust it to fit my ever changing needs.  When everything was said and done, I not only had room for all of my clothes but even had room for my new collection of purses.

I recently decided to make some improvements to my room. I had to clear everything out in order for the contractor to do what needed to be done.  That meant that everything had to be removed from the room as well as from the closet.  After my room was completed it was time to move everything back.  I took a moment to view my closet which looked almost brand new.  I realized that it was 17 years ago that this unit had been installed and after all this time it was still holding up strong.  No chips, no scratches.  I thought about all the changes my closet system has seen in its lifetime; the clothes that took me from a young girl to the business world and everything in between.  As I look to the future and my needs and wants change yet again, I know that my closet will be there to support me for wherever the fashion industry takes me next!

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