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Grandmother’s Day: Arts & Crafts You Can Enjoy With The Grandkids

Kids are the ultimate secret weapon on Mother’s Day.

Why? Because nothing puts a smile on a mother’s face better than receiving a handmade gift from her own child. Coupled with a few surprises from her man and you’ve got a fun, happy, and memorable time.

However, children might be stumped on what to gift their mothers on this special day. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Mother’s Day craft projects, so kids can get their craft on for the number-one-lady in their lives.

Mother’s Day Flower Card

Give mom the gift of a flower you picked (made!) yourself with a Mother’s Day flower photo. Create the root and stem of the flower with either construction paper or fabric, then add colorful petals with either tissue paper or cupcake holders. Take it to the next level and create multiple for a bouquet of handmade flowers.

Thank You Message Photo Frame

This craft project allows children to express everything they’ve ever wanted to tell their mothers, all in a photo frame that can be hung and kept forever. Cut a square hole in the center of the photo frame insert and have the kids write all sorts of messages on the borders. Top it all off with a photo of the mother and their kid in the center. Markers work best along with black outline for the letters!

Custom Mug

Wouldn’t it be great if a mom could be reminded of her wonderful children each and every time she takes a sip of her coffee? Kids can design a mug for their mothers, with drawings and messages panted on the base. For more articulate drawings, you can print out paper stencils online. An excellent long-lasting gift.

Silhouette Art

Silhouettes exude sophistication and are incredibly timeless and personal. Not to mention, they look like beautiful modern pieces of art in any home. Have the kids choose their favorite photo of them and their moms, then put a piece of gloss or construction paper over the photo and trace the silhouette. Cut out the silhouette and paste it on a solid-colored background.

Mother’s Day Monogram

Monogram displays are incredibly cute pieces of décor that you can add to a shelf or wall unit. Purchase a wooden letter, which is available at all major craft stores, and have the kids paint it and decorate it however they want with items such as ribbon, strips of paper, and buttons

Pencil And Pen Holder

Some mothers, unfortunately, don’t get to see their children as much as they would like if they are working moms. Kids can help comfort them by making a gift that their mothers can keep at their office. First, recycle an empty food can and wrap it with any color construction paper. Add embellishments to the can such as felt, pipe cleaners, stickers, and photos. The finished project should be a pencil and pen holder that stands out loudly and proudly.

Got any Mother’s Day crafts for kids that you would like to share? Drop them in the comments section below.

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