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Are Good Decision Makers More Organized?

There was a time when trains ran on coal. Some dear soul had to regularly shovel in more fuel so the train could maintain its speed. When I think of my clients I see decision making as the fuel that runs the engine of their organizing projects. When I first meet a client they almost always tell me they want to work alongside me. I insist for the most part that they sit in a chair while I do the physical work.

Because while I can decide where and how to place all the clothes in your closet so that the finished project is beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and completely functional, only you can decide which items stay and which must go. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, eat well before you begin, have water to drink and remember you have the rest of your life to enjoy the time, energy and money you’ll save after this organizational project is done. You’ll know what you have and where to find it.

If decision making is your Achilles heel start by counting all the decisions you make every day. You know the ones that you feel comfortable making.

Start a list in a notebook you carry with you. Keep it private and don’t worry how simple or seemingly silly your entries are. Rome was not built in a day. Somebody had to lay the first brick down. These simple decisions are your first bricks. This is the list upon which you will build your ultimate success!

Here are some suggestions:

Today I made the following decisions:

    1. I made my bed before I left the house.
    2. I had a hot cereal instead of eggs and toast for breakfast.
    3. I took a different route to work … just for the fun of it.
    4. I walked up a flight of stairs to my ___ (office, at the Mall etc.) just to get in some exercise.
    5. Instead of jeans today I wore a skirt and blouse.
    6. I took the dog on a route we’ve never taken before and it was five minute longer than our usual walk.
    7. I tossed junk mail without a second thought.

What kinds of decisions would be on your list? Which ones can you start making that will refine your skill? Start exercising your decision making muscle today! It’s a skill you can apply to every area of your life.

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