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Get A Head Start To Your Organization Resolutions For The New Year At The Closet Factory LA Showroom

With 2017 quickly approaching, people are starting to brainstorm New Years resolutions for the upcoming year. Some of those resolutions include a commitment to becoming better organized, getting the home in order, etc. Many have found custom closets to be the answer in getting started.

Custom closets started to become a staple in homes around two decades ago, and as the years went by, people started to stress the aesthetics of the closet as much as its functionality. The degree to which people are searching for a beautiful and well-designed closet is on par with how homebuyers look for renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Custom closets continue to rise in popularity, as homeowners are enamored with how they streamline organization, maximize space, and add value to a home. On top of adding functionality through accessories like pull out jewelry shelves and racks for belts and ties, homeowners are also fixated on form by adding embellishments such as decorated glass doors, onlays, and moldings to their closets. Not to mention, custom closets make the perfect gift for the holidays or an anniversary, for anyone who is looking for a sensible and aesthetically pleasing way to display their wardrobe or store belongings. Over the years, owning a custom closet has even become a sort of “achievement” in life.

Closet Factory is a company that creates such custom closets for those who are looking to organize their lives and make their homes more beautiful. Closet Factory Los Angeles opened its doors in 1983 and has proudly served the Los Angeles area for over two decades. Wanting to provide a place for the people of Los Angeles to sample its products, less than one year ago, Closet Factory LA opened a beautiful showroom on Robertson Boulevard that showcases some of Closet Factory’s most beautiful creations.

The Closet Factory Los Angeles Showroom is a great resource for those who are looking to add a custom closet to their homes. Research has shown that consumers can better envision a product fitting in with their lifestyle if they are able to simultaneously see and touch it before purchase. With many examples of custom reach-in and walk-in closets, each with their own combinations of materials, accessories, and enhancements, on display, the showroom has become an inspirational place to get ideas for the home.

Not only is the showroom an excellent place to soak in custom closet designs, it has become a sound place to receive help from experts in design and organization. Closet Factory LA’s designers are always happy to assist you, whether it’s answering a question about the finish on a design, helping you decide between flat or slanted shoe shelves, or even just offering some useful organization tips. Here’s what Closet Factory President Kathryn La Barbera has to say about our LA showroom.

The showroom is like a candy store for adults. You can walk in and see everything possible for your new closet or office. Select the perfect color, door style, lights, accessories and style all in one place. The people in the showroom are great at discovering your organizational dilemmas and pointing you to the perfect solution.

The showroom inspires people to dream about what is possible. It is an amazing place to find the things that will help you get everything organized and look incredible. Everyone walks away with visions of the style they love and how it will transform their home.

Kathryn La Barbera, President – Closet Factory

The showroom is perfect for getting your feet wet with our full product offering. We also highly welcome professionals of our trade including interior designers and builders. Closet Factory Los Angeles participates in the Pasadena Showcase House, one of the oldest, largest, and most successful house and garden tours in the nation, and has strong relationships with several trade professionals.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, come stop by and experience what Closet Factory has to offer. Also, if you haven’t already, check out Volume 2 of our new digital magazine Art of Organization.


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