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Due to our continued growth and success, we're hiring nationwide!Find out more

Due to our continued growth and success, we're hiring nationwide!Find out more

Foyer Design Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Guests

Although it might not be the largest area of your home, creating an inspired foyer design can increase your home’s value, help family members stay organized, and result in a space guaranteed to impress your guests.

Drop Zone Options


Many homeowners rely on a small end table, credenza or chest of drawers as a “drop zone” when they enter the house. Smooth furniture pieces with clean lines pair well with homes that feature modern decor, while vintage, antique, and refurbished tables compliment more traditional or chic boutique-style homes.

A Not-So Muddy Room


The classic mudroom used to be a disaster area where family members would stomp the mud off of their shoes before throwing them in a pile on the floor. But not anymore! Today’s mudroom is a stylish extension of the home, marrying form and function. This means designing the space with ample storage courtesy of cabinets and cubbies, as well as creating a place to sit down. Consider how the space flows in and out of your home when designing a new layout, and remember to choose durable building materials since the foyer is most likely a high traffic area.

Custom Wall Units


The foyer is the first thing guests see upon entering your home, setting the tone for the rest of their visit, so why not decorate the space with family photos and other sentimental home décor? The best way to achieve this without peppering your wall with nail holes is to design a custom wall unit. The addition of LED spot or strip lights can also accent special pieces of your collection, such as wedding photos and family portraits. And for those homeowners who are tight on space, consider transforming that rarely-used linen closet into a display case.



Chandeliers and pendants are popular elements in foyer design since they’re available in a range of styles that can compliment existing décor. They also appeal to homeowners with high ceilings that create a lot of dead space. Install a light fixture that brightens your foyer and immediately captures your guests’ attention.



A unique mirror could be the final touch foyer design has been missing. Not only do mirrors give homeowners a chance to check their reflection before heading out into the world, they can compliment furniture, a wall unit, or other pieces of décor while making the space itself feel larger than it actually is.

Your Foyer Design Should Speak to You

Although an updated foyer design should fit in with the style of the rest of your home, it’s important to remember that every room deserves to be an extension of your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different elements, organizational components and materials until you end up with a space that speaks to you!

  • Transform your foyer with a custom wall unit or mudroom that’s been tailored to your storage needs. Find out more.

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