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Dwell Magazine Showcases Closet Design for 2014

Closet Factory joined Dwell magazine, the nation’s most influential voice in modern design to showcase custom closets reflecting some important closet design trends for 2014. Take a look at our video to see how compact urban closets were transformed during this year’s Dwell on Design event, using innovative closet design and materials.

Closet Factory designers Kay Wade and Stanley Selwyn worked closely with ASID designers to make over each apartment’s compact closets, which often serve as the home’s primary storage space.

Using textured melamine in on-trend colors and dramatic woodgrains like Grey Striea and Mesa, they finished the closet organizer systems with metal tube drawer pulls and brushed aluminum hanging rods, countertops and drawer faces.

Closet Factory’s cutting edge closets also exhibited a completely new design for modern tastes. Drawers appear to float above shoe shelves instead of extending all the way down to the floor. Long continuous top shelves sweep around the perimeter of each closet.

“Our closets had a sleek, uncluttered openness to them,” Wade explains. “We deliberately reduced the number of shelf divisions and double hanging space while still providing ample storage for the resident. This is a significant closet design trend for 2014.”

See our video, “Closet Factory at Dwell Design Labs” for exciting ideas you can incorporate into your own closet.

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