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A DIY Shabby-Chic Easter Centerpiece You’ll Keep All Spring Long

Just in time for Easter! Dress up your dining room table, closet island, or hallway bookcase with a little springtime Shabby-Chic decor.

What exactly is ‘Shabby-Chic?’ It’s a nostalgic design style inspired by rustic furniture, refurbished antiques, and French country accents.

If you’re looking for a trendier Easter centerpiece this year, why not DIY your very own Shabby-Chic floral arrangement out of carnations and candles? Here’s how:


What you’ll need to get started:

  • Foam floral block
  • Flowers
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Candle(s)
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Water

Step #1

Cut off the end of the foam floral block. Make sure the resulting piece is no thicker than the depth of your bowl.

Step #2

Cut the resulting foam piece if half so that it will rest comfortably in your bowl.

Step #3

Dip your foam piece in water. Make sure it absorbs enough to feed your flowers.

Step #4

Place the soaked foam piece in your bowl, then sit one of your candles on top of it.

Step #5

Position your flowers around the candle, poking the stems into the foam floral block.

Step #6

Wrap your burlap ribbon around the bowl.

Note: You can use any type of ribbon you like, but if you’re striving for that Shabby-Chic look, you’ll want to stick with a natural fabric. Gunny cloth is an alternative to burlap as it shares a similar texture.

Step #7

Secure the ribbon with tape.

Step #8

Light your candle and enjoy!

Make Your Easter Centerpiece Your Own

Shabby-Chic is about curating a perfectly imperfect look, so whether you use carnations, roses, or flowers you’ve picked from your garden, make sure your decor reflects your own unique sense of style.


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