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DIY Home Tips – How To Arrange Pictures On A Wall

Many people enjoy having art or pictures in their home but they don’t know how to make them look good. Growing up my mom had many paintings and other items on the walls. Unfortunately, there was no rhyme or reason to how they were arranged. To me they looked cluttered. For many years I actually had an aversion to having anything hanging in my house so the rooms in my home were blank.

Now I actually love having pictures and paintings. Yes, it took me awhile to overcome the “cluttered” feeling. I also really enjoyed going over to other people’s homes and seeing how they decorated. Pictures and artwork add color and character to any room. My pictures display people, places or things that are important to me and the art represents some of the places that I have traveled to such as Europe and South America. It is important that the items you hang in your home mean something to you or it is something you like.

As soon as I had the desire to decorate my home, I realized I didn’t have any strategy for figuring out what should go where. Since then I have learned a few things that may help you as well. Here are some tips for hanging art or pictures:

  • If hanging pictures close together, choose similar color frames. They do not need to be the same style of frame, just the same color. Uniformity of color is ideal.
  • When hanging smaller pictures together, create themes. For example, pictures of nature or small abstract pieces can be groups together.
  • If hanging pictures in rows such as three pictures high and three pictures wide, they must be level and identically spaced.
  • Always have a painting be 60” from the center of the painting to the floor. This is the ideal height.
  • Pictures should be between 66% to 75% of the width of the furniture they are hanging above.
  • To make small areas or small rooms seem larger, hang landscapes or seascapes on the wall.

Doing a little research on line also helps with good tips. To avoid making mistakes in nail or hanging hardware in the wrong place, watch this YouTube video entitled Fool Proof Wall Arrangements. I found this very helpful and one of the best videos about how to arrange pictures.

Once you decide where your pictures will be on the wall, it takes only a little bit of effort to place them correctly. Then you will have years of enjoying how incredible your home looks. There can be splashes of color, pictures of people in your life and places you have visited that you love. Your personality will be all over your walls! Here are some beautiful wall arrangements to get you thinking about decorating ideas:

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