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Display Trendy Accessories In Your Closet Like They’re Worth Something!

Did you know that since the beginning of the millennium women have on average spent more money on handbags and shoes than on cosmetics and hair maintenance such as cuts, coloring and hair products?  Women used to own on average a mere five pairs of shoes; a pair of work shoes, tennis shoes, dress shoes for evening parties or weddings, slippers, and maybe a flat slip-on for the casual stroll. I know, unfathomable in today’s standards! Now, with handbags and shoes being the primary focus of women’s accessories, numerous new businesses are springing up while the older ones are expanding their line.

Michael Kors has tripled his emphasis on the handbag and shoe portion of his line. New companies like AH for Alexis Hudson and Frosting By Mary Norton are darling to the stars. They offer unique and trend setting handbag and shoe products with prices starting in the hundreds of dollars.

So, you ask, “How does all this apply to closets?” Well, when women are now spending an average of $250.00 per handbag and $195.00 per pair of shoes, one has to reevaluate the storage needs for these items. And I’m not referring to storing them on top of each other in a closet or on some flimsy metal rack. From personal experience designing custom closets for women, female customers have an average of 28 pairs of shoes in their collection. That’s one closet section just for shoes; items that are now occupying up 25% of the space in the closets I design.  Women are beginning to realize that having their $300 pair of shoes in the closet with sneakers and other shoes piled on top is not exactly the way they want to store their pricey collection. So, if you’re still piling your shoes on top of each other, I would recommend finding a Closet Factory location near you and have a designer custom design your closet to your style and specification.

Handbags, however, are running a close second to shoes. They’ve become must-have accessories like bracelets or rings. Women have handbags for work, after work, athletic bags, clutches, cross body bags or hands free bags. Sometimes, they would have numerous styles for each occasion! Yes, that can amount to a lot of handbags to organize. Because closets are some of the most frequented places in the home, and store items that defines our personality and style, it should also be able to adjust to our personality and style changes.  For 95% of my closet designs, I’ve realized my customers tend to opt for the flat, adjustable shelves to accommodate their ever increasing collection of shoes and handbags.

So as the needs change, the flat, adjustable shelves can easily be altered.  Flexibility is key to closet system designs and customers are defining their requirements based on their personal collection. More and more emphasis is on displaying the shoe and handbag collections to reflect their worth while “keeping it simple”.

Find out how you can save money, time and space by downloading your own Personal Closet Inventory Worksheet. Browse our project gallery for some inspiring ideas.

Written By: Terri Salazar of Closet Factory Los Angeles

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