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Disorganization Despair Over Workout Wear

We here at the Closet Factory Los Angeles are getting excited about next week’s LA Marathon, in between all of the training and grueling long runs, we’re wondering where in the world are we going to store another finisher’s shirt. If you’re like us then workout wear storage poses a special problem. It accumulates over the years and the rain resistant running jacket and cycling shorts don’t necessarily lend themselves to handy folding techniques.

If you have ever searched in vain for a sports bra only to pull out a handful of yoga pants, never fear. We have scoured the web to find the best ways to keep your workout wear neat and organized.

We have melded together some of the best and simplist tips to create our storage master plan. First dedicate one or two, depending on your accumulation, drawers entirely to workout wear. Then separate them based on type. Not, because your compression pants and barre socks will never get along, but there is less chance for confusion when like items are stored together.

The first thing that needs to be done is sort through all your workout wear and decide what to keep and what to donate or throw away. If you forgot you ever owned it or it exhibits considerable wear and tear, then it probably doesn’t belong in your drawer. Once this is done move on to organizing.

For all of those piled up running event shirts, our two words of simple advice are “file them.” Watch our own expert designer Joanna Forbes show you her neat and tidy trick.

Once this is done put your drawer divider in place or use a long plastic bin and prop it up against your shirts. If you use a bin, fold and place your sports bras and barre socks in it. Or put in another divider in and store sports bras and socks between the two dividers. On the opposite side file your running pants, yoga pants, and pullovers, and congratulations you have reached organization.

If you live outside of Southern California and have seasons, then this can be done several times a year to switch out winter for summer wear.









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