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How to Design a Custom Closet When Décor Tastes Clash

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Great! You and your significant other have decided that a custom closet will solve all your storage and organizational dilemmas. After seeing hundreds of pictures of beautiful closets, you’re both excited to start designing the closet of your dreams. The problem is that you’re Shabby Chic and your partner is Modern Minimalist. You want a white rustic finish with cushy, vintage pillows but those are things your loved one can do without.

Since the goal in any relationship is to create a place where everyone feels welcome, loved and nurtured, both parties must compromise and decide on their closet organizer design together. Compromise on the design is vital for a relationship to thrive or one of you, maybe even both, will be living with a closet you dislike. And clearly, that was once already the case as you’re now getting a new custom closet installed.

For some couples, redecorating is a real threat to their relationship. In a recent Houzz survey, 12% of people said they considered separating or divorcing while remodeling their home. Since interior design should be a happy thing, Closet Factory’s design professionals are expertly trained in creating custom closet organizers that appease differing tastes. Our designers recognize that designing can be an emotional journey for clients as they make decisions, face problems and spend hard-earned money. They are trained to listen to a customer’s needs and issues, and then provide solutions and options to accommodate the decision makers.

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One way to work with a custom closet designer when there are conflicting tastes is for each person to find 10-to-15 pictures of custom closet styles that they like. This will help the designer understand each person’s vision and taste and see if there are any design styles from both parties that are similar. For example, if one person really wants French styled interiors but the other prefers a more traditional look, an expert designer can design one side using French style and the other side can be traditional. Then they can have some transitional elements to tie it together. So, if there is little common ground to both parties’ vision then the designer can blend similar concepts from styles of various closet organizers to create a unique design scheme specifically for those particular clients.

There’s an emotional payoff when both partners are invited to give input on design decisions. Both sides feel validated that their taste and opinion counts and the designer can then create a custom closet design that illustrates the personalities of the couple and services their lifestyle. What’s key for a couple to keep in mind when designing their custom closet organizer is that it should be a welcoming environment that brings joy to both of you. You may have always wanted a man or woman cave, but remember, you’re now sharing your space with someone. And that someone is a person that you also happen to love.

Read more about the various interior design styles on Closet Factory’s blog. If you’re having trouble selecting a design style, schedule a no-obligation design consultation today, and let us collaborate with you to create a design that works for everyone.

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