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Declutter & Organize – DIY Weekend Donation Project

What you’ll need:

  1. Trash Bags

  2. Large Cardboard Box

  3. Look Up Local Donation Station:

Trying to determine what to do this weekend?  How about getting rid of 50 things not just within your closet but also within your house?

Decluttering by getting rid of 50 items is easy to do and will leave you feeling great at the end.  Grab a garbage bag and a large box and walk through your house. If you find something broken or not useful to you or anyone else, throw it in the bag. You will call this the “Trash Bag”. If you find something that you know you will never use, place it in the box. You will call this the “Donation Station” in your home!

Don’t mull over every single thing. Remember that you have many things in your house that are taking up space and totally useless to you. Clear the clutter and remove them! They are taking up space.

Throw things like old magazines and dead batteries from the junk drawer in the trash bag for recycling. If you have things that are broken that you have said you will fix years ago and it is still sitting there, in the bag she goes.

Do you have clothes that have not seen the light of day in a decade? There’s a Donation Station that’s awaitin’. You can use the room for much more useful things. Liberate yourself to donate those gifts you received that you know will never be put to good use like garments and even kitchen appliances.  Someone else could use and enjoy those things sitting taking up space in your house.

Now, put some music on and start rummaging. When you get to 50 things you are done! If you want to increase your goal because you are on a roll, try for 100! You’ll feel a weight lifted by the end of the weekend and refreshed to not only start the new week but you will feel more ready for spring. Even better, your spring cleaning will almost be complete!

If there is not a Donation Station near you here are some other options:

Written by: Katie Daniels of Closet Factory of Phoenix, Arizona

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