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Custom Closets: 4 Tips to Organize Your Back to School Activities

We all face the back to school season with the best of intentions, but more often than not, those intentions turn to messy rooms, lost homework and a missing left shoe. One way to keep your good intentions intact is to have custom closets built for rooms where closet design can help keep your life organized and your sanity intact.

Here’s how you can get organized and remain sane for the entire school year.


1 – Kids’ Rooms

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or preparing for a college dorm, they have so many activities. It’s necessary for them to stay organized no matter what their age, and custom closet systems can help your child save time, and help you save your energy.

Instead of shoving school supplies, clothes and shoes blindly into their closets, help them organize their space by installing an organized closet system. Your kids will be able to find everything easily, which will make your early rush a breeze. To further save time and energy, your fashion-conscious little ones can pick out their outfits on the weekends and hang them on custom-built hooks, one for each day of the week. And, their accessories (baseball caps, jewelry and other accessories that define their eclectic style) can be kept on hanging closet organizers or jewelry drawers.

A fully customized closet even makes laundry day a little easier by installing a custom built-in basket drawers that can be easily removed via metal slides. They’re also great for storing toys.

A practical but attractive custom closet system guarantees that you’ll rarely have to hear, “Mom! Where’s my left shoe?” ever again.


2 – The Pantry

Organization is not just for closets. You have to fix dinner and your children want snacks, and the best way to make it happen with ease is to have a well-organized pantry. A place where you can find the ingredients to wow your family at the dinner table, and the where kids can grab a snack beforehand.

A closet designer will collaborate with you to figure out how to maximize your space with a custom solution designed to store and organize all your pantry items. Pull out baskets and shelves can be used to store spices, recipes and kid’s snacks.

You can even turn an unused niche or corner into a wine storage center with custom sized wine racks.


3 – Home Office

Back to school means back to endless stacks of papers to sign, file and access in a hurry. Organize your life beyond an office supply store’s plastic container, and create an attractive, custom-designed home office that accommodates your work and organizational needs. With custom designed spaces, you can get personalized accessories like pullout keyboard arms and raised-panel “hidden” file drawers to keep all your household information.

You can also create the space so that it’s conducive to doing homework and studying by creating customized cubbies to store school supplies or books.


4 – Your Closet

You get so busy keeping your family organized that it’s easy to forget about yourself. You need to get up early and get dressed in the morning, too. The closet organizers that work for organizing the other rooms in your house can also work for you – and then some.

A custom closet design that caters specifically to your space – and your needs – can help you easily access and coordinate your outfits during the early morning rush. It can also store out-of-season items that you don’t need. Imagine a space where you can accessorize while instantly choosing a pair shoes to wear because they are kept on your customized shoe shelves, which easily solves any shoe storage issues. At the same time, choosing a purse and jewelry is just as easy since your purses can be neatly organized on shelves or cubbies while your priceless items are kept in a customized pull out jewelry drawer.

Men’s suits and work clothes can also be neatly organized either in double hanging or long hanging storage solutions. Should you choose to share your shoe storage space, they can also utilize customized shoe shelves with toe stops that come in several designs.

As you face the flurry of back to school activities and events, ask yourself – do your spaces make the grade or are they barely good enough to pass the test?

If it’s the latter, you know what to do.

Vicky Choy believes in the art of organization. She is a lover of all things collaborative and a writer with a passion for the digital multiverse.

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