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Creative Ways You Can Customize Cabinetry In Any Room

By Sarah Tiani – Designer, Closet Factory Raleigh

When it comes time to update your home, it’s important to consider how you’ll work within any given space, and how you’ll store things in an organized fashion moving forward. There are so many options out there now for updating your cabinetry, you may even be able to save on a complete remodel!

Here’s how you can customize your existing cabinets to get more out of them.

Maximize Depth With Accessories

best designer raleigh closet factory sarah tiani

First, consider different options for making your standard 24” deep cabinets work more efficiently. There are many ways to retrofit them and get more out of your existing space.

  • You can have a professional come in and install pull-out trays. These can be customized in height (in your kitchen pantry, for instance, 3” high trays can be used for pan lids with deeper 9” pull-outs below for pots). They can also have dividers, or even Lucite fronts so you can see what’s inside. They even come with adjustable posts so you can adjust heights for new purchases or changing needs!
  • Purchasing inserts made to fit into cabinets can make them work in different ways. There are dividers, racks that can hold jewelry or spices, standard or custom accessory inserts. There are endless possibilities!
  • Spice racks and jewelry hooks can be added to the inside of doors to keep those frequently used spices within reach, and make use of space that is normally ignored. Deeper racks can hold larger items, like canned goods. (I use mine to keep my kids’ cups and bowls easily accessible so they can help themselves to snacks!)

Add More, Then Paint & Stain To Match

sarah tiani best designer raleigh closet factory

Second, consider bringing in a professional to build extra cabinetry. Check to see if the company has the ability to custom paint and stain your new cabinets to match or coordinate with the ones you already have.

  • An island can be custom built to fit your kitchen or craft room space. The one pictured above has a fold-up counter that can be used when extra counter space is needed, but folded down when not in use to improve traffic flow and floor space.
  • Extra shelving can be built-in to awkward or unused spaces. That bar that you never sit at? Think about adding shelving under it for all your cookbooks!

Rethink Your Aesthetics

best designer raleigh sarah tiani closet factory

Finally, think about the aesthetics of what you’ve created. You can paint existing cabinets, add crown molding, or move them up and install floating shelves underneath of them for a more modern, up-to-date look.

About Sarah Tiani

Sarah relocated back to her hometown of Raleigh after growing up in Buffalo, NY. After obtaining a technical design degree from N.C. State, she worked for five years in textile design and six years in interior design before joining the Closet Factory family. Her years of experience have helped her become one of the top designers in the Raleigh area. Sarah excels at designing custom spaces and developing the best solutions for her clients’ storage problems.

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