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How To Create a Comfortable Reading Room

When it comes to a reading room, having a comfortable space to consume your literature is as important as the act of reading itself.

As you’re reading, you want to be able to immerse yourself in the content and ultimately be in a zone. A loud, dirty, or sporadic area will not only make your reading experience uncomfortable but will also pull you out of the alternative world that books provide.

In order to get the best reading experience possible, here are ways to make your home library more conducive to reading.


reading room

First things first, you’ll have to do a clean up of your reading room. Scientific research on the brain has shown that the brain releases a stress hormone called cortisol when our eyes perceive clutter. This causes us to lose focus on what we should be doing, which in this case is reading. Organizing books in their proper spaces on bookshelves and emptying the surrounding area of any mess can help ensure your eyes stay on the page.

In addition, decluttering also helps control the temperature in the room. The more mess there is, the harder it is for air to circulate, making the room feel stuffy. You want to be as comfortable as possible, right? Clean up your space!

Adding adequate lighting

You should never have to strain your eyes or struggle to make out words on a page. Make sure your reading space is lit and lit properly.

One suggestion is to integrate LED lighting into your reading room, as LED lights are said to help you feel calm and less distracted.

Of course, that’s for when natural light isn’t available. The natural light you get from a bright, clear, and sunny day is the absolute best light for you when reading. Position your recliner or sofa near a large window for maximum visibility.

Creating Zen

reading room

The layout of your reading room can make a big difference in whether you get a proper reading experience. Having cabinets, sofas, shelves, and chairs close together will make the room feel crowded and cramped, leaving you feeling claustrophobic. On the contrary, an open space will remove that warm snug feeling that a proper reading room should have. The key is to find that balance in terms of furniture distance that makes you feel comfortable, and that can only be found with a little bit of trial and error.

How do you like to enjoy your books? Leave a comment below!

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