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Clothes You’ve Had In Your Closet Cabinets At Least Once

Throughout the years, your closet cabinets have witnessed all of your wardrobe changes. For example, you might have had a pair of stilettos that would make you cringe if you had to wear them now or a pair of faded high waist jeans that are so dull it wouldn’t even fit the vintage category anymore.

As times change, so do our preferences. However, no matter how stylistic and unique we think we are now, we’ve all carried certain pieces of clothing in our closets. No, we aren’t talking about specific clothing brands or accessories — we’re specifically referring to clothes with certain qualities about them or where they originally came from.

The following things could have made it into your closet cabinets somewhere in your lifetime. It may not be all of them, but there’s a good chance that you’ll recognize at least one thing on this list.

A pair of jeans with something wrong with them

It’s a struggle to find the right pair of jeans. More so than not, we end up finding a better pair of jeans shortly after, leaving the former pair to forever be ignored. Jeans with rips, stains, fade, or shrinkage fit this category.

A borrowed item

It’s common to want something we don’t have, like a cute outfit that a friend has. Realistically, the next best thing is to borrow (not steal!) it straight from the owner. Because we’re all human and humans make errors, we may forget to return it to them…or the owner might have completely forgotten about lending it to you. Either way, it ended up in your closet and it’s still there.

A stain that’s never gone away

Some stains like blood are destructive on certain fabrics and will never come off no matter how hard you try. However, the stain might be on a silk blouse that you received from Grandma or a jacket that can only be bought in Europe. Some pieces of clothing are too valuable to let go because of a stain, so we hold onto them for whatever they’re worth.

Shoes you won’t wear again

We all have those pairs of shoes that we buy on a whim, wear maybe once or twice out at night, get multiple blisters on our feet, and then proceed to never wear them again. Why we still keep these shoes is still a mystery. For the most part, people find them to be visually appealing and kept them around as a display item for a closet.

A terrible gift hiding in your closet cabinets

When people buy us clothes for gifts, they do so with the best intentions. In their minds, they genuinely believe that we will look good in what they bought for us. It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we are the only ones who know what we truly like and don’t like. Out of courtesy and guilt, we keep these gifts in our closets, although they most likely won’t see the light of day. There are, however, on hand in case the gift giver asks down the line.

How many of these items have you had in your closet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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