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Closet Organizers – Tips for Organized Drawers

Many people love an organized home. Drawers are incredible because from the outside they look clean and hide the contents on the interior from view. The space inside each drawer is valuable. The problem is the bigger the drawer the more we tend to cram inside. Our “stuff” inside our drawers can become unmanageable and completely unorganized.

What is the solution? The first thing is to match items to the size of drawers. Drawers are arranged with smaller sizes at the top and gradually get bigger at the bottom for the best visual appeal and balance. Store items with the same philosophy. Small items should be placed in the small drawers at the top and larger items in the more spacious drawers.

Treat drawers differently depending on the room they are in. Use the tips below to organize drawers around your home.

Bedroom & Closet Drawers

  • Put items you use every day in the drawers that are most convenient and at or above your waist height.
  • Add scented sachets to drawers to keep clothes smelling good. Other items to make a drawer smell good are candles or soap.
  • For storing folded intimates, use fabric lined organizers to prevent snags in materials on gentle, delicate fabrics.
  • Use organizers or dividers that are the same height as the interior space of the drawer. This allows the best use of space inside the drawers.

Bathroom Drawers

  • Choose plastic liners for drawers since liquid contents may spill.
  • Group similar items together such as cotton balls, Q-tips, cleansers and toner. Have all make-up organized together and divided depending on application: eye make-up, concealers and foundation and blushes and bronzers.
  • Line drawers with self-adhesive paper so that when you clean the drawer dust, specks of make-up or hair will be easy to clean.

Kitchen & Pantry Drawers

  • Select the proper material for dividers such as plastic or metal since they may come in contact with water and will continually need to be wiped clean.
  • Place gadgets used most frequently in the drawers closest to the area where you work most often.
  • Put utensils in a drawer closest to the dishwasher.
  • For best results purchase a utensil organizers that can fit the drawer without having extra space left over. It is not only a better use of space but will not slide side to side or front to back when you open the drawer.
  • Store items that are not used frequently in lower drawers.
  • If you have an odd shaped drawer or items of many different sizes to store, modular organizers are the best solution.

HomeOffice Drawers

  • You can select decorative systems made out of woven fibers, fabric or wood.
  • Always place office supplies such as tape and scissors in the same place so any member of the household knows where to find them when needed.
  • Place similar types of office supplies in the same drawer. You will also know when you are getting low on certain items so they can be replaced.

The next time you are ready to tackle a drawer and get it organized, empty all the contents and use the tips above depending on where the drawer is in your home. You will be amazed at how good you feel. Your drawers will look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

By Kathryn LaBarbera

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