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Closet Factory Review

Closet Factory is a national organization and today I wanted to share with you a client’s testimonial about her experience with a designer from Closet Factory Washington D.C. & Baltimore, MD.

Our master bedroom was overcrowded, uncoordinated, dark— an eyesore.  Unworthy of the home and garden I had designed and decorated.

Three windows, facing northeast, with creamy-white frames and Damask drapes of the same color.  An elegant, dark-wood framed bed with intricate carvings kissed with gold and a breath of pale aqua … creamy-white duvet and pillows … off-white sconces above.

Then, the hodgepodge of mahogany and walnut bureaus and trunks of all sizes…  Throw in a basket or two, to add to the clutter.  It was unsightly.

I’d toyed with the idea of a closet wall for years and dismissed it outright, thinking it would overwhelm the room … and that it would also cost too much.

I was wrong on both accounts.

Luckily, I changed my mind.

I’d seen an advertisement for The Closet Factory, among other companies, and decided on The Closet Factory because of their courtesy and professionalism on the phone.  A gal named Vicki was not only gracious but handled my request immediately.  She set me up with an appointment with their top  designer in just a few days.

Enter Deborah Broockerd –Senior Designer, Closet Factory & ASID Allied Member

I was impressed with Deb’s sense of aesthetic—she understood my sense of style immediately and concern about too dominant and dark a closet wall … as well as the need to compliment the bed’s rich wood and ornate appliqués.  She also demonstrated a keen appreciation of detail, which of course is critical in any building project.

After measuring my existing closet space and reviewing The Closet Factory’s customized configurations and finish options, we settled on ivory Melamine with a dark wood surround to match the bed.  What I appreciated the most:  our collaborative effort on this project

Deb suggested I work with her top installer, a gentleman named Jimmy, with whom she had worked on a number of projects over the years.  He arrived the first thing on the morning of installation, ready to go to work.

Our bedroom is on the third floor, so it was no easy task to trek all the materials up the stairs, but he did it without one scratch on the walls.    I appreciated his courtesy and respect for our property; that’s a rarity these days.  I found him to be a top-notch craftsman, a pro in every sense of the word.  He delivered outstanding work.  How one man could do all that work without a snag is simply beyond my comprehension!

I’m a creative person, so I chose my own hardware on the Internet.  It was great fun to be a  part of the process.  However, one need not pick out his or her hardware.  Deb has the expertise and experience to do this for you, if you prefer.

I chose copper finish knobs and drawer pulls.  In addition, I selected corbels for the columns (Deb offered to stain them, no less!).  Finally, I found some tiny copper beads to embellish the two columns on both ends.

There was one snag—a jewelry box didn’t quite fit in the open space.  Deb took care of that right away (in a creative way, I might add).  In short, she’s a creative, competent, can-do person.

Whether you have an entire bedroom wall … a wall closet … an office … a child’s playroom … garage … or any other space that needs organization, functionality, flexibility, beauty, style, and quality at an affordable price, I highly recommend The Closet Factory.

And if you’re lucky, Deborah Broockerd will knock on your door.

A highly competent, can-do person.  A pro.

What about the bedroom, now that the closet wall has been installed?

No more clutter.

Understated elegance.

The way it was always meant to be.

– Client Review of Closet Factory Washington D.C. and Baltimore MD

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