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Closet Design Solutions for Every Budget and Style

Custom closet design is the process of carefully crafting a closet design that actually works for you. To create a functional and attractive closet that is 100% tailored to your individual needs, desires, and tastes, it means starting from scratch.

At Closet Factory we require our designers to ask in-depth questions about your storage needs, measuring your closet down to the last fraction of an inch, and counting every single pair of your shoes.  Not until we have a real understanding of what you’re looking for will we create a custom closet design that is perfect for you, and only you.

Our professionally trained Designers fully utilize their talents in the art of closet organization when they work for you. They use their experience to create a functional storage solution that matches your personal style in the design, in the presentation of your wardrobe, and even in how you will use the closet.

Once the basic closet design is done your designer will work with you to determine which closet series is the right solution for you.

Essential Series: Basics

With our Essential Series, you’ll find solutions that are attractive to your eye and your pocketbook. Rest assured, “truly custom” means that we design for all of your needs including your budget. With our industry leading design expertise and extensive library of options, we also know how to include just the right touches to make even the most basic closet beautiful. Melamine has never looked better. Our Essentials Series is the perfect place to start your project.

Design Series: Stylish

With our Design Series, you’ll discover how we transform an organizational solution into stylish furniture that perfectly matches your style. Simply by adding the right mix of real wood, custom finishing and few other design elements like crown moldings and custom trim, we are able to achieve that added flair and pizzazz that makes your design perfect for you. And function is never forgotten, it is the cornerstone of the core design and the foundation that is stylishly layered upon to make your Design Series closet uniquely yours.

Collections Series: Dazzling

With our Collections Series, storage and organizational solutions are dressed up with luxurious materials and architectural style elements to match any décor.

  • Our Timeless Modern Collection tastefully blends cool geometry, chic materials and contemporary trimmings to stylishly eclipse its simple functionality.
  • Our European Classic Collection radiates a luxurious ambience by utilizing refined ornamental carvings on a strong foundation of broad columns and solid wood facings.
  • Our Stylish Shaker Collection elegantly combines carefully crafted simplicity, strong balanced lines, earthy textures and natural woods to provide you with a warm welcome home.
  • Our English Cottage Collection lovingly arranges soft curves, delicate arches, and creamy hues into a personal oasis providing sanctuary from the outside world.

Closet Factory does not limit your choices in your quest for the perfect design. You can select any blend of design ideas, materials, finishes, hardware and ornamental details to create your very own unique style.

Did you know that Closet Factory offers a free in-home design consultation with one of our expertly trained designers? Request your free Design Consultation by filling out our simple online signup form!

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Each of our custom organization systems is completely personalized and begins with a complimentary design appointment.

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What should I expect?

During the consultation you and a designer will discuss your wish list, desires, and project budget, with the aim of designing an organization system that will:

  • Turn your dream into reality
  • Organize you efficiently
  • Create space for everything
  • Maximize the space
  • Create optimum visibility
  • Display your personal items
  • Add value to the home
  • Harmonize with the décor