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Closet Design Makeovers Video & Wardrobe Tips – Nate Berkus Show

In case you missed it… Mary Alice Stephenson was recently on The Nate Berkus Show. They surprised two busy moms in need of a closet organizer system. The ladies submitted videos to Nate pleading for win a chance to win a closet makeover by Closet Factory and one-on-one wardrobe tips from celebrity stylist herself.

Video Segment: Fashion Fixes and Closet Makeovers

Mary Alice gave the women a tour of her Closet Factory master closet.

Closet Must Have #1: “Take all your jewelry out of boxes and make them easily visible.” Mary Alice explained that the favorite part of her new custom closet is her custom jewelry organizer island in the center of her master closet dressing room. This way she can easily get inspired by her collection and find a piece that works for her outfit.

Closet Must Have #2:Always have the same hangers in your closet,” Mary Alice explained. It’s a space saver and helps the hangers move more easily on the rods.

Closet Must Have #3: Always hang your pants to avoid wrinkles. Mary Alice explained that sometimes hangs 2 or 3 on the same hanger to save space. Also using the same hangers makes the pants easy to sort.

Closet Must Have #4 Built-in accessory organizers. Mary Alice pulled out a hidden built wrack and valet rod that was installed in her closet.  She explained that there are many inexpensive accessory organizers for belts and scarves on the market. She likes her custom hidden accessory organizer (akaconvenience rack) because it’s easily tucked away.

Watch this video featuring one of our Closet Stories personalities, the fabulous celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson:

“If you organize your closet, you organize your life. It saves you time, energy, and you don’t have to shop as much,” stated Mary Alice on the video. Why? Because you already know what’s in your closet.

Check back for Mary Alice’s 5 Closet Essentials in future post.

For a better look inside of Mary Alice’s closets visit Mary Alice Stephenson’s Closet Story Page & Closet Style Page!

By: Nicole L. Tate

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