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Closet Design: Can You Have A Walk In Closet Dressing Room?


Walk In Closet Dressing Room by Closet Factory Cleveland


The trend in recent custom closet designs has been the bigger the better. Many couples are considering not just a walk-in closet but a “dressing room”. A place in the home that is uniquely their own. A place to store all their clothing and accessories so they are right at their finger tips. A special place in which they can coordinate their wardrobe and prepare for the day or evening ahead.

To see if a dressing room closet is right for your home here are a few questions you should consider before jumping into this project and begin installing a large closet that may not be large enough to create a dressing room.

  1. Do you have a spacious walk-in closet already and are you able to gather all your wardrobe items in the closet or are you spread out into multiple closets?
  2. Do you have a spare room that is seldom used that can be transformed into a dressing room closet?
  3. Are you able to expand a smaller space to create a large closet suite by removing a wall or combining areas such as several small closets to make one large space?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re able to create your own personal dressing room haven. First, It’s a good idea to call professionals such as a closet designer to confirm the space will accomplish what you hope it will. They can help you maximize the space with custom shelving, drawers, hardware and accessories based on what you want to store in the room. This will make sure the project is worth taking on and make the room come alive.

Most dressing room closets include special features like a custom island for additional drawer storage space that also doubles as a place to sort and fold.  My next post will discuss popular features for you to consider in your own transformation from closet into a dressing room.

For more ideas visit our Closet Design Series page with a full gallery of closet images and styles.

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