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Cleveland Review – Heavenly Custom Closet Design

Heavenly Closets By Cleveland Closet Factory

I wanted to share with you a segment of a blog post that a professional interior designer client of ours had to say about her “Heavenly Closet” by Closet Factory Cleveland!

Form and Function

Joe and I recently realized that after 6 years of living in Baltimore, our son, Chris, was not going to be living back home [the Cleveland area].  His bedroom was large with beautiful lake views, and now it stood like an empty shrine to that little boy that once lived there.  His room was adjacent to an old sliver of a closet that my husband and I both shared while bumping into each other.  We removed the wall, and voila! the closet was born.

I hired Kathy Pietrick, the owner of Closet Factory in Cleveland, to help me create this wonderful space.  She & I worked to come up with custom paneled doors over their traditional closet “boxes”.  I then added crystal knobs and a beautiful sugary granite called Thassos to cover the island.

The most important rule of well designed space is function.  The closet works beautifully in its layout.  My dressing area has a large mirror and jewelry drawers.  My clothes are all organized and visible, with the exception of dressy evening wear  and my shoe collection, which is kept in glass covered, dust free cabinets. There are tall stacks of drawers for lingerie, and a handy pull out hamper within easy reach.  The island is incredibly useful for packing, it is designed at a comfortable 34″ height.  There is plenty of recessed lighting and the chandelier adds a sense of grandeur, along with matching silk curtain panels.  The radiator bench is hidden with a Romo fabric cushion, along with a custom full length mirror, and my favorite–the famous Kartel “Ghost Chair”, which Joe still doesn’t understand why it is invisible.

It’s a great place to begin the day.  – Deb Conway, Interior Designer

Closet Factory specializes in creating closets that are completely tailored to each client’s individual needs and lifestyle. Featured in this beautiful walk in closet are custom elements such as the mirrors, jewelry drawers and hampers. Each detail enriches the functionality and beauty. Because Deb is an interior designer she knew exactly what she wanted. She had us incorporate into the design her own elegant granite counter top for the island and crystal knobs on the drawers. These elements further stylized the closet system, making this closet truly heavenly.



shelves section below drawers for shoes

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