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Celebrity Kid Closet To Raid – Suri Cruise

Imagine if you had an infinite budget to dress your kids and create a kids custom closet to store it in? Celebrity moms have the means to purchase almost any article of clothing they desire for their children and to have an incredible closet tricked out with every gadget to keep it organized and stored properly in. Some even commission major designers, like Marc Jacobs, to custom make garments and accessories for their tots.

What if you were given an opportunity to raid the a closet of a celebrity kid? Just tap into the inner child in you and use some imagination! With all the media exposure of celebrity children in recent years, people love to follow the adorable fashion evolution of their favorite pop star’s kids and get inspired for dressing their own children, or even themselves. Here is my first pick for a fun and fashionable celeb kid closet to raid!

Suri Cruise

Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri, 6, has become a mini fashionista with a shoe collection worth a reported $160,000 according to the UK’s Star Magazine. But even beyond the shoes, her style is impeccable and arguably rivals the looks of many adults!

I wonder if she has an extravagant custom closet to house her extensive mini-superstar wardrobe! Suri should have special custom closet features such as double or triple hanging rod sections for her pint size dresses and coats. I am guessing she has several walls devoted to her shoe collection and maybe even clear Lucite ® doors over her designer shoes for protection from dust and if she’s really lucky she may even have some shoe drawers designed for her special favorites making them easy to reach!

Our professional designers at Closet Factory suggest the following tips to keep a kid’s closet organized and sectioned:

  • Store keepsake items up high
  • Double and triple hanging rods are great for creating more hanging space. Works perfectly for hanging dresses, skirts, tops and even pants.
  • Store in sections they can reach themselves their everyday stuff.
    • Shorts
    • Shirts
  • Adjustable shelving is extremely helpful to have in a kid’s closet. Make sure to have the shelves at a height your child can easily reach.
  • Baskets are great for toys, undies, and socks.

Closet Factory offers design solutions to keep all your children’s clothing, accessories, school supplies and toys nicely organized. Check out the Kids Stuff section of our website to see some examples of custom home organization looks we can create for you. Our design consultations are free so give us a call 1-800-838-7995 or use our online form to request an appointment. I’m sure we can make your home organization dream come true!

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