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The Best Times to Get a Custom Closet

A custom closet can be transformative. Turning a space in your home into a personal dressing room, or even just reorganizing a killer wardrobe in a reach-in closet, can decrease stress levels and increase peace of mind. But, you may wonder when the best time for construction may be. While we stand firm that there is never an inopportune time to get organized, some moments just beg for a lifestyle change, so we are here to answer your plea.


1 – After Purchasing a New Home

A new home is a big investment, many times the biggest you will make in your life. But, what if we told you your return on investment could substantially increase with the addition of a custom closet? We created an infographic to illustrate the impact of home remodels, and what better time to renovate than with a clean slate? Before you have unpacked, moved in, and built your life around the flow of your new home, consider installing a custom closet, entertainment system, or home office to upgrade the new purchase.


2 – After Downsizing

Don’t let less space dampen your interior design visions. Many times, less space can act as a motivating factor to enhance your creativity and find new and exciting ways to optimize your square footage. We’ve given you plenty of tips and tricks to make use of small spaces, and getting a custom closet is a worthwhile endeavor. In small homes organization is key, and there is no room for clutter. We can build you a reach-in closet to make use of all of the nooks, crannies, corners, and wall space that had previously been neglected. With a closet organization system that creates a place for everything, you may be surprised at how big a small home can feel.

3 – Before a Big Life Change

Do you have a new baby on the way? Are you starting a new job? These are great times to take the plunge and get organized. We often need more than one motivator to finally make a change, and knowing that your life will soon become more hectic is a good reason to finally get the closet you’ve always wanted. Starting soon, there will likely be much less time for outfit deliberation and searching for that long lost blouse. With a customized closet, we provide all of the necessary tools to get and stay organized. Drawers and shelves for your foldables, long and short-hanging sections for dresses and blouses, even scarf racks and belt hooks, all play a part in eliminating the stress of at least one aspect of your life.

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