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Automatic TV Lifts for Custom Cabinets – Media Room Interior Design Trend

Automatic Flat Screen TV Lifts installed by Closet Factory DC.

Once a luxury item only reserved for the rich and famous, one of the biggest trends today in home décor is adding motorized television lifts aka TV lifts to your home entertainment center cabinetry. Recently, Closet Factory of DC & Baltimore showcased a TV lift in a custom unit at the DC Home & Garden Show. Here are a couple videos on how our TV lift operates shot by Julie Lifland, one of our expert Design Consultants.


“The lift is used to raise and lower a flat-screen TV into our Closet Factory designed media room unit. It’s great for times you want the television to be hidden when not in use.  I shot these videos of our display unit at the Washington DC Home & Garden Show, where it generated a lot of interest.  People were quite intrigued by the concept, not to mention we had fun using the remote control to raise and lower it to catch attendee’s attention as they wandered by our booth.”


“The lift in this video is installed on the interior of a cabinet, and when you open the lower cabinets, you don’t even see the lift there!  It is concealed behind false backing that was moved forward in front of the lift, then shelves are placed on this backing to hold books, videos, etc.  The lift can be used with large flat screen TV’s as well.  What a wonderful idea for a great room or better yet at the end of your bed!” – Julie Lifland, Closet Factory DC Design Consultant

In the past decade we have seen the style and design evolution of televisions from very large and very heavy to the now modern thin, small and sleek High-Definition versions of today. Adding a TV lift is a great way to showcase how high tech media room is and impress your guests!

What do you think of this design concept for your media room cabinet?

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Automated lift by Hafele America, a Closet Factory National Vendor.

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