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The Asian Design Style Influence in Modern Home Offices

Modern home offices have to do a lot. Changes in the way we work coupled with the constant presence of technology make the ambiance and comfort of a workspace a high priority. For those who are looking for elegance, efficiency, and relaxation in their home office, the Asian design style, which draws influences from all across the continent, is the way to go.

Doing “More” Easily

Asian design styles are characterized by the use of natural materials to produce relaxing hues along with elemental simplicity. Not everyone has a home with a large amount of space, and, in fact, most of the home offices we design are in tandem with our bedroom or kitchen.

What’s great about Asian design style home offices is that they are a combination of smart and elegant workspaces. The space is kept simple, with a neutral color scheme and comfortable décor. This blends together seamlessly to welcome in a feeling of serenity.

The Impact of Décor

It’s becoming increasingly common to see décor such as Buddha statues, Japanese katanas, or flowerpots in the offices of lawyers and high-profile businesspeople and for good reason — they’re inspiring. We tend to lose focus throughout the day, and it’s been proven time and time again that the right décor can increase a worker’s productivity. Seeing how modern offices benefit from Asian vibes, it’s only natural.

Intuitive Use of Space

When you’re trying to create that Asian-style office you’ve always dreamed of, the amount of space you have to work with is never an issue. The right colors coupled with Asian décor and accessories can make even cramped spaces look good. For example, you can add a warm yellow tone to the walls as well as some furniture made of all-natural wood. As for accessories, little knickknacks like the ones shown above do the trick nicely.

Expand Your Creativity With Colors

Homeowners tend to associate Chinese and Japanese-inspired styles as “Asian,” which is understandable. After all, they have the most recognizable color schemes.

Take Chinese-inspired designs for example — a lot of red and gold is visible in the furniture, décor, and walls. Red, in Chinese culture, is symbolic of power, while gold means brightness and purity. However, Asian-influenced styles include many different ones that originate from several different regions across the continent. The beauty of this is that they can be incorporated into any design style to create a unique look tailored to your desires. A modern color such as black can easily be meshed with the Chinese-inspired gold.

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