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Apollo 11 Purse: Where Neil Armstrong Went Wrong


Houston, we have a problem.

Neil Armstrong: astronaut, first man on the moon, American hero, 10-cent stamp guy and closet hoarder. Okay, maybe he wasn’t a hoarder, but he did keep the Apollo 11 Purse – full of tools, the waist tether he used inside the lunar module and a data recorder with footage showing his otherworldly first steps – in a closet for 45 years. And, he didn’t even tell anyone about it.

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To recap, Armstrong returned from space, walked into his home, and simply threw the purse – arguably one of the most historically important items in small handbag history – into some dark, rarely used (or seen by the light of anything) corner of his closet. For 45 years.

Today, the priceless artifacts are on loan to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and once every item has been documented and catalogued, they will be placed on public display. When I was 11 years old, my mother took me to the Smithsonian. That was 26 years ago, and if Neil Armstrong were a little more organized at home back then, or even a few years earlier, perhaps I would’ve seen these artifacts in person.

His irreplaceable relics should’ve been proudly displayed in a custom closet. And, if he contacted an expert designer, say, from Closet Factory, the first man on the moon would’ve been able to collaborate with that designer to create a design that met every one of his needs and showcased those amazing lunar souvenirs for at least one person to see. Who knows, after admiring his moony mementos exhibited handsomely upon custom cabinetry and shelving everyday, perhaps he would’ve been propelled to share his collection with the world a little earlier. You know, like 26 years earlier.

And, you know what? In a custom closet, Armstrong wouldn’t even have to show off his entire Apollo 11 assortment. In fact, he could’ve easily hidden a few select items behind a set of matte Lucite or solid wood closet doors, and if he had an item or two the rest of the world just couldn’t handle, he could tuck those away safely in a box safe.

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Either way, I would’ve been privy to some pretty cool history that spring in our nation’s capitol. I suppose I should simply be satisfied that Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 Purse has finally seen the light of day, and that, one day, I will be able to show them to my son. Though, there is a lesson to be learned here; don’t let your priceless artifacts rot away in a purse for 4.5 decades. Showcase them in one of our custom closets, instead. They’re made specifically to meet our client’s every need and desire – even if they’ve been to the moon and back.

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