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And The Color of the Year Is…

Viva Magenta color swatch

Viva Magenta!

Pantone has broken the trend of the last couple years to produce a vibrant, exciting color in Viva Mangenta. Based on the natural dies from the cochineal insect, Pantone is evoking the primordial with this naturally vibrant and vivant red-family dye.

Take yourself to a place of wild, untamed nobility by pairing Viva Magenta with Pantone’s “Magentaverse,” including Gray Sand, Pale Dogwood, and Fields of Rye; colors that evoke the natural and untouched vistas of the ancient world.

Closet Factory sees this color as an excellent backing color for a radiant white closet; white will ground you, Viva Magenta will uplift and excite you.

Pantone isn’t the only company that puts out a color of the year; in fact, virtually every serious paint company releases a color of the year. This year, color trends are quiet and calm, with neutral colors taking center stage. These colors evoke mindfulness, thoughtfulness, calm, and serenity. This gentle palate works in any room or across your entire home and creates a backdrop against which your décor will really stand out.
Blank Canvas color swatch

Behr’s color of the year for 2023 is Blank Canvas, a color that could not have been named more appropriately. The beautiful off-white of a taught canvas before the first brush touches it, Behr says Blank Canvas “renews every room of the home,” and they’ve truly achieved that effect.

Behr has also created a list of color combinations for Blank Canvas, which is an excellent inspiration resource. This author finds Vine Leaf, a gentle but exciting soft green, and Midnight Blue, a gorgeous slate-grey-meets-deep-blue, particularly appealing with Blank Canvas.
Redend Point color swatch
Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ color of the year is called Redend Point. The words they use to describe this stucco red-brown are “Minimal, Calming, Intriguing,” a set of adjectives that perfectly represents the feelings Redend Point. The softness of clay and the depth of earthenware, Sherwin Williams has created a wonderful neutral color that is perfect for everything from a single contrast wall to the primary color across your home.
Ivory Brown color swatch

Valspar’s color of the year is Ivory Brown, a rich ivory with hints of khaki or tan that Valspar says is “calming, positive, and full of possibilities.” Ivory Brown, Valspar says, is designed to be a primary shade to ground any space.

Valspar, unlike other brands, comes out with a whole battery of colors every year, all of which are stunning and any would be gorgeous in your home. Ivory Brown is just one of twelve colors Valspar has introduced as their colors of the year, and this author finds Desert Carnation and Blue Arrow to be uniquely attractive.