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Adorable & Functional Craft Room Storage Solutions

As more and more homeowners are creating dedicated areas for their DIY projects, they are increasingly finding ways to make their craft room storage look better and more functional.

After scouring the Internet on various websites, including the ever-popular Pinterest, we unearthed some of the cutest and most useful craft room storage ideas that fully epitomize the creativity of the most dedicated crafters.

The following ideas are some adorable craft room room ideas for your home that will not only breathe new life into your current setup but will also make you a much more efficient crafter.

This desk cabinet just makes you feel like one of those busy bees at an old-fashioned post office, sorting mail by hand. This time, instead of mail, each cabinet fits small crafting supplies such as glitter, glue, and card stock, all readily available and looking great.

Who said candy jars were purely for candy? You can use these babies to store everything from spools, buttons, and beads. Lining candy jars filled with colorful crafting accessories gives your craft room the appearance of a candy store. Who doesn’t like candy stores?

There’s nothing better than sitting outside with some of your closest friends and enjoying a lunch set complete with sandwiches, macaroons, cookies, and coffee on a multi-layer plate set. Did you know you can use those multi-layer plates for your crafts as well? For instance, this user decided to store her rolls of ribbon and tape on them. Just be careful not to mistake them for macaroons.

Putting your cloth away in cabinets or drawers can sometimes be unappealing and intimidating as your craft room storage might begin to feel like a factory. A craft room should be a nice, open, carefree area to create masterpieces and one of the best ways to replicate that feel is by storing your cloth in baskets. There’s just that warm comfortable feeling you get when you see a basket with colorful fabrics in it.

Honestly, peg boards are one of the most useful things you can have in any room, and that includes craft rooms. Space of any variety is precious, and that includes vertical space. This pegboard is painted a very eye-catching mint green and houses everything from scissors to paints.

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