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8 Tips for Proper Shoe Care

Today’s guest blog post is by Chi Diem Chau from

While most people get excited over puppies and cuddly babies, there are others that get that same overwhelming gush of joy over a new pair of shoes. They coexist waiting for the next Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Gucci and Jimmy Choo to hit the showroom floor. The chic box, the smell of new leather, the buckle, the glam and the sexy heel make it easy to accept the ramen noodle dinners and credit card bill hikes that are sure to come.

Nothing can stop the die-hard romance between shoes and a self-proclaimed shoeaholic, except improper shoe care!

Here are seven tips to help protect your shoes – because neglect is simply not an option.

The Golden Rule

Cheap shoes are just that — cheap. These false bargains are made out of low-quality leather, rubber, and glue, which results in a wasted and short-shelf life. Quality footwear is all about high-grade leather. Of course, such a thing comes at a price but it’s worth your hard-earned cash and will last long enough for you to pass them on to your lucky offspring.

Find a Local Shoe Repair Service

Take some time to find the best shoe repair service in your neighborhood. Plan to have your shoes resoled and re-heeled before they began to wear down. Additional brownie points if you get this task done before you take your new shoes out-of-the box.

Protect Suede

Suede shoes are particularly hard to care for. Get rid of stains using a suede eraser then follow-up with a suede brush to restore the original texture.

Reduce Odor

If there’s a strange smell permeating your favorite pair of shoes, it’s time to take them to your trusty cobbler to have the soles replaced.

Drying Wet Shoes

When disaster strikes and you’re caught in thunderstorm, your shoes are bound to suffer. The temptation to resuscitate them with a blow dryer or heater will cause instant shoe death resulting in cracked and dry leather. Instead, stuff sopping wet shoes with newspapers and dry them away from direct heat.

Preventing Permanent Snow Damage

Salt stains will make your fresh footwear look like its seen better days. Remove these evildoers with a little vinegar and water. Remember, less is more.

Caring for Pony Hair & Calf Hair Shoes

Do not wait until your pony and calf hair creations are stained to the point of no return. Put a note in your calendar for monthly cleanings using a toothbrush, cloth, and a bit of gentle soap. Apply the soap using the cloth and gently clean the area with the toothbrush going in the same direction of the hair. Going in the opposite direction will result in embarrassing bald spots.

Storing Shoes

Even after taking all the above precautions, your shoes won’t last through the season if they aren’t stored properly. Keep them safely off the floor and nicely organized using shoe storage boxes, shoe rack or shelves. If you decide to store your shoes in boxes, take pictures of them and post the pictures on the box so you can find your favorite pair easily.

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