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The 6-Step Challenge To Organize Your Closet – Part 1

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Sometimes you just need a little spark to get going on tasks you know you should do but can’t bring yourself to begin – like getting organized. One of the ways to find motivation is to challenge yourself with step by step actions that will enable you to achieve the desired end result. After all, when an overwhelming task like organizing your closet is broken down in steps, it’s doesn’t seem so daunting.

The trick to an organized closet is to get good, functional systems in place so that you never have to go through this challenge again. A custom closet system is the best permanent solution for solving organizational issues for any closet organizer because it’s made expressively to fit your unique storage needs.

Use this six step challenge to help you finally organize that closet you’ve been intending to clean for a long time, and get on the path to permanent organization. The challenge is set up so that you can either execute it in six steps or six weeks depending on your schedule. You can apply these steps not only to clothes but also to organizing jewelry, accessories and shoes. And, in the true spirit of a challenge, if you do this with someone else and make a friendly bet, you will be even more motivated to complete the challenge.

Here are steps 1 and 2. Good luck!


Step 1 – Declutter Your Closet

Decluttering is always the first step in organizing any space and is especially important when it comes to closets, which generally become the dumpster for not only clothes but also miscellaneous stuff. There are two parts to the decluttering process: determine what you will definitely not be keeping, and decide whether what stays is worth keeping. These two steps are necessary because you don’t want to organize clutter – you want to get rid of it.

When you open your closet doors, you may get overwhelmed, so start by simply addressing one section of the closet. You don’t need to take everything out since you are dealing with the things that you really don’t want. As you go through your clothes, throw out anything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, worn out or you simply don’t like. You may also want to dispose of something you haven’t worn in a year, however, occasion clothing is the one thing that is exempt. Once you’ve determined what you will not be keeping, decide whether you will be donating the items or throwing them out. Keep in mind to not donate anything that is in poor condition.


Step 2 – Organize What is Left

It’s easy to throw out the stuff you obviously don’t want but now that the first round of decluttering is done, you must decide if the things that are left are worth keeping. Some things are obvious; you’re not going to be throwing away those good suits and designer shoes. However, it’s the things that are in limbo that make up this process tough.

To help you decide, group similar items together then list the must haves in order. Most of the must haves are pretty clear, so you can leave most things in your closet for now. When you get to the bottom of the list of must haves, look to see if there is room in your closet for those items. If not, chances are you need to find new homes for them. This weeding out process is not as easy as it sounds and you may re-prioritize items several times. Keep in mind; if you don’t go through this process and make some tough decisions, you will be stuck where you started – frustrated with an unorganized closet that’s filled with clutter.



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