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Due to our continued growth and success, we're hiring nationwide!Find out more

Due to our continued growth and success, we're hiring nationwide!Find out more

4 Stylish Themes for Your Living Room Wall Units

The décor of the living room is incredibly important as this dominant room sets the tone for the rest of your home. It’s the room where guests may spend most of their time and the room that will leave lasting impressions, so creating stylish wall units should not be taken lightly. There are a variety of living room decorating ideas for every taste and theme.

Sleek Contemporary


Newer homes with state-of-the-art technology utilize contemporary designs to match the home’s features. As a result, the home has more angular themes with defined edges. In those homes, wall units should feature sleek polished surfaces with congruently-shaped furniture that’s arranged to maintain the geometric theme of the space.

Modern Elegance


Homes with a more traditional design would be served best with living rooms that emphasize the modern elegance of the residence. That includes classic furniture pieces, such as a beautiful coffee table and sophisticated rug designs. A simple writer’s desk in the corner and a chandelier can also round out the classic nature of the living room.

Natural Rustic


Living room wall units with a natural rustic theme fit better in homes that already feature more traditional designs like a fireplace, petrified wooden rafters or classic timber floors. Décor with a lighter color palette helps to maintain and amplify the natural qualities of the space. A blend of light-colored modern furniture, like simple sofas mixed with dark-colored antique furnishings, creates harmony in the room. When designing natural rustic wall units, make sure the space still gets plenty of natural light so it doesn’t become gloomy.

Chic Boutique Wall Units


Another growing trend in living room styling is furniture and embellishments one would expect to find in a trendy boutique hotel. This includes bold color combinations in wall units that catch the eye. It is important to remember, the chic boutique look works better if the entire home follows the trend, since it is difficult to incorporate this style into a design scheme.

The living room should make a statement. However, creating living room wall units that captures the personality of the homeowner is more important, and can only be achieved through a custom design.

  • Rely on an existing design trend, or mix-and-match to create your own unique style. Find out more.

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