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4 Simple Life Hacks to Organize Your Closet

Let’s be honest, organization doesn’t come naturally to all of us, especially in the realm of the closet. With shirts, scarves, belts, and pants distributed between the various rods, hooks, drawers, and shelves that we offer, it can be tricky to determine where each item should live. Don’t fret, though, we won’t abandon you once your custom closet is installed. Check out our tips below to make the most of your new space and treat your wardrobe right.


1 – Fold Your Sweaters and Tees

Sweaters must be folded and never hung, lest they lose their shape, and we advise drawers over shelves to keep them safe from moths. Casual tee shirts are also good candidates for drawer space as most shirts won’t wrinkle and will be easily accessible. Also, keep in mind that cedar is important for maintaining the quality of your sweaters. You can buy cedar chips, install a cedar wall, or use cedar folding boards to keep your stacks looking extra tidy.


2 – Fold Your Jeans on a Shelf

Jeans will be more readily stored if a simple fold is all they need. We recommend storing them on a shelf, so as to aid in the decision making process when choosing a pair. On the shelf you can see each wash clearly, allowing you to easily pull out of the stack without creating a mess. For this reason, we also suggest that you organize them by wash instead of cut, which won’t be evident in shelves.



Custom Closet3 – Hang Dress Pants and Dresses

This one should go without saying, but dress pants should never be folded. They should be pressed along the crease, and hung over either a hanger or the pant racks that we provide as part of our closet accessories. Similarly, dresses must be hung. Long dresses will take up much of the long-hanging sections built into your closet (along with long coats and skirts), so keep in mind the quantity in your current closet when working with your designer.


4 – Hang Scarves and Belts

Scarf RackMany times in conventional, non-custom closets, women have no place for scarves and opt to fold them. But, that can lead to a mess of a pile and deter you from wearing the accessory. Instead, a pullout scarf or belt rack is the ideal storage system to optimize space and keep your new closet in peak form. The rack keeps each scarf and belt in plain view while allowing for the easiest clean up at the end of the day.


So there you have it. Follow these pieces of advice for the ultimate in closet organization and your morning routine will never be the same.

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