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4 Favorite Bike Racks For Easy Garage Storage

Finding bike storage in the garage can often be a challenge.  Many people are fortunate enough to not only have a garage, but also have it organized with cabinets. Yet, even then, floor space is at a premium. So efficient bike storage usually means utilizing the walls or the ceiling whenever possible.

As Head Designer at Closet Factory, I often teach our Design Consultants the advantages of the Racor and Pro-Stor products we carry so that they can make the proper recommendations to their clients.  For those of you that own bikes and need to store them, be sure to inquire about these when getting your space organized.

Here are four of my favorite bike racks that take advantage of wall or ceiling space while minimizing the amount of floor space that is required for storing bikes.

1. Horizontal Bike Rack, this unit fits flush to the wall and conveniently holds 2 full-sized bikes. This bike rack is perfect for mounting on the back, right, or left walls of your garage. The single wire-shelf is a nice added feature that can be used for storing your bike helmets or other smaller gear.

2. Vertical Bike Rack, another option that mounts on the wall and holds 2 bikes. I like this rack’s added organization feature of two storage shelves specifically intended for your helmets and shoes. Personally, I think this particular rack also works particularly well tucked away into an apartment, townhouse, or condo for those city-dwellers that don’t have a garage.

3. Floor Mounted Vertical Bike Rack, this is the only rack I ever recommend that is floor-mounted. It is generally described as a floor-to-ceiling bike organizer. It holds 2 bikes perfectly, one above the other. This organizer not only works for a garage but I’ve used them effectively indoors in lofts and it could just as easily be installed on the private deck or balcony of a multi-unit housing structure.

4. Ceiling Mounted Bike Pulley, this is a perfect solution for a garage loaded with cars and other “stuff”. The bikes are suspended from anchored pulleys that are easily raised and lowered from the manual controls (not shown in this image). The bikes are out of the way when stored and readily available when you want to use one.

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