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3 Tips for Designing Entertainment Centers

entertainment centers


When you remodel your home, your entertainment center is something you should consider updating, as well. But, how do you decide on the best entertainment center design for you? It’s important to consider the space you have available, but you must also consider how much equipment you have to store. For example, your television, Blue-Ray/DVD player, game console, and any other electronic devices you may have.

Chances are that you and your family spend a lot of time in front of your entertainment center after arriving home from work or school. This is why it’s important to design the perfect custom entertainment center for your home. Take a look at these three great tips and use them to help you and your designer create a modern entertainment center for your space.


1 – Pick a Space and Measure

Find a spot in the room that has the least amount of sunlight entering it. This will prevent annoying glare from appearing on your television. Looking for the right spot will also help in obtaining the right measurements for you custom unit. With the right measurements you can start planning out the perfect design for your entertainment center.


2 – Consider Current and Future Electronic Devices

Technology is always advancing and it’s vital to keep in mind that, one day in the future, you might want to purchase a bigger television or fancier entertainment system. When designing entertainment centers, create a design that will leave you with enough space to install a bigger television in the future. Take note of every electronic device you have in your current entertainment center. As you construct your unit, think about which locations would work best for all of your devices. Think about where all of the cables from each device need to be connected to and create a design that will cover and allow the devices to be properly connected to its designated place. Once you have decided where each device will go, add equipment shelves or glass shelving to add a unique and custom touch to your design.


3 – Choose the Right Color

The color of your unit is equally as important as anything else on this list. Think hard of what color would suit your style. If you are someone that likes to redesign his or her home and paint it often, I would suggest you to opt for a neutral color that complements any color you like.


Your entertainment center is an important aspect in your home, and it’s one of your most utilized spaces. Take advantage and allow Closet Factory to help you create and design the perfect entertainment center for you and yours.

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