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2016’s Most Popular Colors That Will Revitalize Your Home

Professional designers and interior design experts have been hard at work analyzing the latest color trends in homes all across the country.

These color forecasters draw their information from a variety of sources, including showrooms, trade shows, magazines, pop culture, and even the fashion runway. They combine all of this information and translate it into colors that we should use to revitalize our homes. Here is the latest research on what interior colors are most popular in 2016.

Lilacs, Lavenders, & Purples

For the average person, these colors might seem a bit childish. However, shades of purple can add a level of warmth and sophistication to any room in the house. Pairing them with warmer neutral colors like gray or beige makes a home feel elegant and engaging.

Take lilac for example. This version of lavender is incredibly similar to the color of the sky at sunset. It will feel soothing, and goes immediately with any window seat. Top things off with matching cushions and pillows in varying shades of purple.

Milky Blues & Navy

pop wall color in laundry room

Blue injects a sense of serenity into a home. Milky blue colors were once found on the walls of European style homes. For those who have lived near the beach, a nice shade of French blue can invoke vivid memories of that experience.

Anyone who wants to go a bit bolder should look to navy, especially homeowners residing in sun-heavy states like Florida and California. The deep blues won’t wash out in the light.

Whites & Pinks

walk-in closet with bench

There is nothing more neutral than classic white, which balances out both strong and subtle color combinations. Plus, artwork or furniture – in just about any style – can accent a white room nicely.

Pink is a romantic color that brings out the essence of a room and looks especially charming when combined with elements such as antique brass or metallic home decor.


The hottest color trend of this year is green, as people love the idea of pairing this intense saturated color with neutral furnishings and accessories. A darker shade of green is a rich, vibrant, and exciting choice that works in both modern and traditional settings. It basically breathes new life into a room.

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