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10 Tips to Help You Become Organized in 2020

How to Transform Into an Organized Person

organized person

If being organized doesn’t come naturally, you might think that organized people come from a different species than you. The reality is everyone has to learn to become organized and they do it by developing habits that they live by on a daily basis. We have come up with 10 tips you can implement in your life to transform into an organized person to start the new decade. 

Tip 1: Develop a morning routine

How you start the day goes a long way with how productive you will be. It’s super easy to wake up and stay in bed watching TV for a while. Whether it’s working out, making coffee, meditating, or showering, creating a routine you follow every day when you wake up will give you a head start for the rest of the day. 

to do list

Tip 2: Create realistic to-do lists

A to-do list may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it is a great way to hold yourself accountable for completing your tasks. The trick is to create one that is realistic and simple enough for you to complete every task that is on it regardless of what surprises might come up throughout the day. 

Tip 3: Prioritize your most important activities

Life can get overwhelming at times when it comes to balancing out work, family, and fun. When you have a lot going on, you might procrastinate deciding which activity you should do first.  Always try to do the most important things first. Even if you can’t get everything done, you’ll find yourself in a much better position rather than saving the most important stuff for later or even worse, not getting anything done at all. 

Tip 4: Clean and put things away immediately

If you are reading this, chances are your home isn’t as clean as you would like it to be. No matter how tired you feel, take care of your mess as soon as possible. The extra 30 seconds it takes to put your jacket in your closet is much more manageable than an entire day it will take to clean a mess after a week of living like a slob.

Tip 5: Have a place for everything

Whether you’re at home, in your car, or at work, make sure all of your things have a designated area to be put away. Doing this will make the previous tip easier and it will make you much more efficient by knowing exactly where everything is. 

Tip 6: Limit multitasking

While this seems like something organized people do, working on multiple things at once can hamper progress if those things don’t work in tandem with one another. Working on one thing allows you to devote your full energy into it and deliver superior results. 

backup file

Tip 7: Always have a backup

In most cases, putting all of your eggs in one basket is a risky proposition. This is especially true when you aren’t in control of every aspect of a particular activity. From essential files to your vacation plans, make sure you have a contingency plan in case everything falls apart. 

Tip 8: Use a digital calendar

Don’t rely on your brain to keep track of important dates. Thanks to today’s technology, it is easier than ever to keep an updated calendar with you wherever you go. While using a physical calendar is fine, most of us carry our phones with us 24/7 and it is much more practical to jot things down on your phone than keep something physical with you at all times.

Tip 9: Create your own deadlines

Even if a project you are working on has a deadline that is a while away or doesn’t have one altogether, creating one yourself forces you to work with a sense of urgency. Most of us have been in a situation where we wait until the last minute to finish something and it results in stress and usually a subpar outcome. Getting things done early ensures you don’t have to worry about making sacrifices to finish something on time.

organized couple cleaning

Tip 10: Separate chores and errands into manageable chunks

When it comes to chores and errands, most of us don’t have a lot of fun while performing them. The best way to remedy this is to resist the urge to put those duties off until the weekend and complete them throughout the week little by little. 

Your life will be so much better if you become organized. Now that we are in a new decade, there is no better time to start than now. As simple as these tips are, implementing them in your life will go a long way in transforming you to become an organized person. 

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