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Customer service coordinators are at the heart of our business and in an important key position. They perform a variety of tasks simultaneously and work in a fast-paced environment. Their main job is to set appointments for clients and designers, schedule installation dates, enter data and payments in SalesForce, process paperwork and interface with operations.

In many locations, the office and phones are so busy that it requires service coordinators to specialize in one or two areas within the scope of their daily operations. Some will specialize in setting appointments matching client and designer personalities, and others handle installation activities such as booking dates and assigning installers based on their skill set. Another may process payments, banking, and data entry. Everyone answers the phone so that every customer is helped.

Answering the phones must be done in excellence because it sets the first live impression to our customers. For those locations with a showroom on-site, give showroom tours of our beautiful displays for clients that stop in. This role requires good people skills and an upbeat personality. Customer Service Coordinators learn all about how we design, manufacture and install so they can talk to clients and answer all of their questions.

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Fast paced and social

Although everything must come together and function as one within the office setting, the primary divisions are:

Appointment setting: This is one of the essential responsibilities in this department. It requires some natural intuition to match clients and designers together while factoring in the designer’s schedule, area they service and skill level.

Service coordinators offer motivation to designers, help gather their schedules, keep them current, contact web leads for scheduling and interface with whoever is responsible for sales – often the sales manager or owner. It’s incredibly important, social and fun.

Installation: There is an art to managing the installation schedule properly. This position interfaces with the designers when they sell their projects and set installation dates. It is important to know the skill levels of the installers and guidelines for how many days to book for the size of the sale and job difficulty.

Reporting to operations rather than sales, service coordinators are responsible for getting projects that did not complete as scheduled back into the calendar. They set setting services for clients whose projects did not complete on time and move installs around that want to change dates. With all the paperwork necessary to keep communication clear, this position requires discipline and organization skills.

Customer Service: The primary responsibility is to answer phones providing support to clients and employees in the field. In this case, you help Designers give backup to clients in all phases of their jobs. Designers and installers are in the field all day long and count on help from the people in the office. Multi-tasking, handling multiple phones lines and troubleshooting are all required. People that have a calming personality and enjoy helping others enhance performance.

Account Rep: Closet Factory is a vendor for a big-box retailer supplying custom systems to their customers. In this role, Service coordinators oversee the processes, paperwork, bookings, payments and the completion of store accounts for the location. The goal is two-fold: making the clients and store representatives happy and ensuring all installations are completed successfully.

Data Entry: We use SalesForce that has been customized for our company. It is updated in real-time and tracks all activities for the company from the initial appointment to when the job is complete. Speed in typing and attention to detail is a must for this role.

Whether the location is small and has a single person performing all the tasks or it’s large with multiple people assigned areas of expertise, all service coordinators are important to the smooth running of each location.


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Setting yourself up for a successful interview

Interview Process:

  • Phone interview
  • Online assessment
  • In-person or Zoom interview

Dress in business casual clothing.

Example interview questions:

  1. What experience do you have working in a busy office with many activities and multiple phone lines?
  2. Explain a time when you had to work with an upset customer. How did you help them?
  3. Do you have any experience setting appointments?
  4. Do you have any experience using a customer relationship management platform like SalesForce? What functions did you perform?

We provide full training for our office hires, and we look for people who have helpful attitudes dedicated to doing their best and enjoy working with a variety of personalities. 

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