Wall Unit Design

Designed for Better Living

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Purposeful Planning

It’s clear that built-in wall units answer the need for durable, versatile and compact storage. Graduating from a couple of rickety bookcases to deluxe bedroom wall units with built-in window seats is a leap in commitment that is exhilarating and requires some smart decision-making.

Put your faith in Closet Factory’s collaborative design process. It’s what we’re known for and with good reason. Our designers build the design carefully and methodically, all around you. As you watch the bookcases, cabinetry, drawers and decorative details come together, you will understand how the design process forms the solid foundation from which all of our systems are built.

With wall units, finding the exact location is key. What elements on the wall (windows or a fireplace, for example) should be worked into the design? Do we design floor-to-ceiling bookcases or break up the shelves with a line of drawers? Should we select the same hardware for everything or choose two complementary styles?

Think about how you and your family will use the wall unit and plan accordingly. Share your thoughts and ideas with your designer, who will be able to integrate everything you want into a systematic approach, beginning with an organizational design.

Create the Wall Unit Organizational Design

What will your wall unit hold? What will it be used for? These are some of the questions that factor in to your organizational design. Bedroom wall units, for example, can be designed both as fully functional closets and for linen storage or a TV cabinet. These decisions will formulate the configuration of cabinets, bookcases, drawers and display areas in this important step.


Select the Accessories, Materials and Finish

Wall units are both highly functional and aesthetic focal points. Many of our built in wall units contain accessories that advance the function of the piece while adding to its style and form. Depending on its use, wall units benefit from accessories such as open shelving, drawer dividers, movable turntables and trays and strategic lighting.

Choosing materials and finish is an exciting opportunity to express your style. Wall units vary widely – each room or area they are built in to some degree dictates the material or finish. Your designer might recommend a contemporary melamine pattern in one part of your home and the warmth of solid wood cabinetry in another. Closet Factory offers many choices in style, color and price, which includes melamine, painted and glazed woods, stained woods and wood-like textured melamine.

Your color options include decorator hues of white, natural, red and gray, as well as wood grain, decorative patterns and textured melamine options. If you go with wood, we can custom stain a variety of species, from cherry to oak, in any color you choose. There is something to fit your style and décor to a tee.


Built-in Style

Every wall unit lives up to its potential with the right embellishments. Give Old World intimacy to full-wall bedroom wall units by adding decorative feet. Top off unique corner bookcases with a pretty curved arch. Opt for eye-catching cabinet door styles from wood lattice to textured linen.

Once you’ve seen all the wonderful features, details and embellishments, you and your Closet Factory designer can take the time to review them, discuss where and how they will work and determine how each one affects your price. Our goal is always to provide you with the greatest range of options and selections so that you can make an educated decision.

Is everything just the way you want it? Take another look with your Closet Factory designer to make sure. The moment you approve your final design and price we can set the installation date of your choice.


What Now?

Look at your home with new eyes and focus on those blank walls begging for a transformation. Then take a walk through our gallery, use your design board to pin the wall unit ideas you like best, and schedule an appointment. Easy.