Wall Beds

Wall Beds Create Genius Space-Saving Rooms

Wall Beds

Compact. Modern. Smart.

Make your bed and put it away behind a gorgeous cabinet until it is needed again. That is the genius behind wall beds from Closet Factory. Combining the principles of Murphy beds with our own custom made cabinetry, finishes and accessories, wall beds are the perfect way to save space and enhance your lifestyle.

By taking advantage of Closet Factory’s full package, which includes custom design, manufacturing and the installation of our wall beds, you can:

    • Maximize the square footage of any micro space
    • Transform a single-use room into a flex room
    • Turn a smaller room into a multi-purpose space
    • Eliminate the “large footprint” of a traditional bed
    • Convert a dedicated guestroom into an office or crafting room
    • Completely conceal any size bed until you need it
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