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A Custom Mud Room by Closet Factory with Cedar Backing

Many people wonder about the benefits of cedar. Some of the common questions people ask me is “What does it do?”, “Does it deter bugs?”, “Why should I have it?”, “Why does it lose its smell?”, and “Does it really work?”

Let me debunk some of the myths and tell you of the benefits. First, cedar DOES deter bugs that like to eat clothes. They do not like the smell so they do not want to be around it. You do not need cedar in the entire closet to deter bugs. As long as the aroma is prevalent in the space, you will not find any bugs. Strategically place cedar near the clothes you want to protect such as anything made out of wool. Put lining in the bottom of drawers, backing behind hanging sections or shelves or small sachets of cedar on a shelf or hanging near clothes.

Cedar DOES remove moisture in the air. For those that live in humid climates or near water, this is a great benefit. Too much moisture in a closet can cause mildew and ruin some of your garments.

Cedar DOES NOT lose its smell…ever. The smell does get less over time. However, to bring the smell back take a light grade sandpaper and run over it once. The smell will come right back out as if it was new. This only needs to be done once a year and your cedar will be very aromatic.

Cedar DOES NOT produce oil. If that was the case, oil from the cedar would rub on clothes and the cedar smell would be prevalent with whatever you wear. Cedar is aromatic which means the smell is only present when in the presence of cedar. Think of the cedar small as “in the air” only.

It is common to think that cedar is an endangered species of wood. However, cedar IS ecologically sound.  Most cedar wood trees are grown in controlled forests with strict management codes governing harvesting and reforestation. You can feel really good about the use of cedar in any application of your home.

There are many myths about cedar, and hopefully I have debunked many of them. For those of you who love the look and smell of cedar, you can add it as an element to any closet and understand the care and benefits. The only question left to answer is how much cedar do you want?

Spaces Closet Factory can add cedar to:

  • Specific closet sections: behind sweater shelving, backing, drawer bottoms, etc.
  • A cabinet or hanging section of a closet or wall unit to help preserve behind coats and winter wear.
  • We can even install cedar to walls or the client can before we install a custom closet unit.
  • Installing cedar to the floor is popular in parts of the country with cold weather is common as it helps to absorb it.

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Blog Author: Kathryn LaBarbera is the Executive Vice President of Closet Factory and with the company for more than 19 years.


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